HE LOVES ME (Lifetime) Advance Review

HE LOVES ME (Lifetime)

Lifetime premieres its lates movie, HE LOVES ME, tonight at 9:00 PM ET/PT. The movie stars Heather Locklear as Laura, a woman that seemingly has it all. She is married to a successful doctor, played by Dylan Neal, and has a beautiful daughter. Together they live in a gorgeous house and seem to have the perfect life. Despite this, Laura is having an affair with Sam, played by Max Martini, that she characterizes as passionate, intense and violent. Things change once Laura finds out that her perfect husband is having is own affair. Desperate to save their marriage, Laura does what she has to with deadly results. It is at that time that Laura’s life starts to unravel. People and issues from her past come forward and Laura finds that it becomes harder and harder to maintain her life and her sanity.

I am a Lifetime movie fan. I want to start off by saying that so you know that my review is not based on any negative feelings toward Lifetime. Yes, Lifetime has its share of chick flicks with movies about evil men doing bad things to good women. Lately, however, the network has moved away from that and has turned out some good movies such as The Craigslist Killer, or touched upon current events, such as The Amanda Knox story. This movie, however, does not fall into the latter category, but rather the former. Although I would not consider Laura a victim or a good woman by any means, the movie is very reminiscent of early Lifetime movie days.

This movie is not good. Let me just say that. Right from the beginning with the moody music and mopey Laura, the viewer knows that something is wrong. As much as Laura pronounces her life perfect, it is obvious it is anything but perfect. Then once Laura opens up to a therapist, it becomes even more apparent that something is definitely not right. The question then remains, how much about Laura is off? He Loves Me tries to play a bit off of The Sixth Sense or more recently The Black Swan, leaving the viewer to wonder just how much of this is happening in Laura’s mind. The movie gets it right in one respect. I never quite knew what was real and what was only fantasy. In fact, at some point I made a note about a major plot point only to discard it later after changing my mind. In the end, I was right. As successful as He Loves Me is in that regard, it fails inasmuch as by the time the viewer gets to the end of the movie, she no longer has any vested interest in the character of Laura. There were some twists and turns along the way that were nice. I also found myself replaying scenes in my head. Overall though, the movie had a slow pace, lulling in quite a few parts, and then picked up so much speed that it seemed almost unnatural.

Heather Locklear gave a good performance as Laura. I have always loved her as an actress and it was fun to see her switch from being sweet and perfect to confused and angry. At her angriest I was reminded of Amanda Woodward from Melrose Place. Max Martini was kind of annoying at first. He spoke in this extremely rapsy voice that I believe was used to make you think he was not real. Toward the end, he got better, but again, I was not that vested in him either. The other actors and actresses all kind of blended in to the background, which is probably not a good thing.

I wanted to like He Loves Me, but I just could not. If you like the old school Lifetime movies spiced up with a bit of recent psychological thriller, you would probably enjoy this movie. I would only recommend it for that reason or if you want to see Heather Locklear. Other than that, I would give it a pass. If you happen to tune into He Loves Me tonight at 9 PM ET/PT, come back here and tell me what you thought about this latest Lifetime movie.

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