FAMILY GUY “The Hand The Rocks The Wheelchair” Review

FAMILY GUY The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair

FAMILY GUY “The Hand That Rocks The Wheelchair” Season 9 Episode 12 – If all else fails, watching cloned babies beat each other to a pulp as they wrestle over a machine gun is a pretty effective way to end a pleasant if unmemorable episode.

Meg, who has been relegated to half a handful of lines these last few episodes (I assume because Mila Kunis has been busy on the awards circuit with Black Swan, though it may have been the narrative flow and nothing to do with Kunis) steps forward front and center. Her social ineptitude is hilarious in small doses, but when she is given most of the episode and she becomes less of the effectively amusing caricature and more of a pathetic and drab crazy lady in waiting, which I find sort of depressing.

Not that her story was bad; it was uncomfortable and cringe worthy. From the desperate voiceovers to the breastfeeding (I’m just gonna skim by that one) Meg was like a puppy with leprosy. She’s so helpless and sad you’ll dwindle a bit to study, but you don’t want to go near her or look too closely. I would have felt sorry for Swanson, but I ended up wanting to see more of his insufferably-voiced wife.

Stewie’s bid to clone himself was a disgusting, gory, bloody storyline. His clone is Evil Stewie, a great villain who chops off Brian’s tail, shoves it in the real Stewie’s mouth, chops a good Samaritan in half: all in all, a pretty nifty days’ work for a villain of Stewie’s renown. Even though the Evil Stewie plot didn’t go anywhere, it was enjoyable to see, if nothing else, Stewie break apart laughing by the sight of his own feet.

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