BEING HUMAN (UK) “Though the Heavens Fall” Review

BEING HUMAN (BBC) "Though the Heavens Fall" Season 3 Episode 7

BEING HUMAN “Though the Heavens Fall” Series 3 Episode 7 – Wow. Being Human isn’t known for pulling punches when it comes to setting up finales, but the penultimate episode of series 3 may have been the best yet.

Nancy, Little Miss Perseverance herself, finally gets her guy – but at what cost? Mitchell’s been arrested, Herrick’s regained his mental faculties, Nina is fighting for her life (and that of the baby), and Nancy herself is left on the brink of death.

It feels like just the other week that series 3 started, but now we’re into the final minutes.

Now we get to see who Mitchell’s wolf-shaped bullet will be. The only werewolves seemingly still in the running are George and Tom. George as Mitchell’s killer would be poetic, would it? A play on the series 1 finale (George vs Herrick) that would (arguably) be justified given that George’s girlfriend and child may die because of a chain of events set in motion by Mitchell himself. But my money is on Tom – quiet, sweet, vampire killer Tom. The only father he’s ever known is dead and, well, it’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it?

Will Nina die? I have to admit to a certain sense of apathy toward Nina right now. Of course, she needed to do something after finding the Box Tunnel 20 notebook, but calling the police? Nina’s a smart woman. You can blame panic, impulse, even hormones, but nothing justifies Nina acting stupid enough to call the police on a vampire and risk outing them all.

What does everyone think about Annie’s reaction to Mitchell being the killer? I thought the scene was pitched perfectly and I found it riveting. That said, I don’t know how to feel about Mitchell threatening to kill all the police officers or Annie asking Mitchell to hand himself over. Surely Mitchell could have caused enough commotion, even if some injuries were incurred, to get away? Or Annie could have used her abilities to create a distraction? By now Annie understands what will happen when the existence of vampires is revealed to the wider world – doesn’t that trump justice for 20 people and punishment for 1?

Overall, an exciting episode that paves the way for more thrills and spills next week. Who will live? Who will die? Let’s start speculating! And until next time, let’s all be thankful Herrick is finally out of that hideous shirt.

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