UNDERCOVER BOSS “City of Cincinatti” Review

Undercover Boss “City of Cincinatti”, Season 2 Episode 16 – Undercover Boss tried switching it up with this week’s episode, “City of Cincinatti”. Not only was it the first time we’ve had a politician go undercover, but it’s the first time we’ve seen them try to keep doing their day job as they’re doing their undercover work. Overall, I would say that Mark probably did a better job then anybody else I’ve seen on this show.

I’m not sure if this is racist or whatever, but did anybody else get the feeling that Mark was kind of making his voice a little too…urban? Don’t get me wrong, I was incredibly impressed that he was able to transform into his alter ego so completely by changing his posture, voice, and body. However, I don’t know if it was entirely necessary to “black up” his voice so much. It kept going in and out a little too much, as well. I know this is nit-picking, and that the guy isn’t a trained actor or anything, but maybe making the voice so different wasn’t a good choice in the first place.

While I appreciate the change of pace on this episode in showing us a job that is so different from the ones we usually see on this show, it definitely wasn’t as focused as other episodes. What I mean by this is: You know what Roto Rooter employees do. You know what Mack Trucks and Johnny Rockets employees do, so when you see people working in these jobs you can relate more easily to what they’re doing. However, “City jobs” are soooo varied that the episode just comes off as a little schizophrenic. In this episode alone, Mark goes from picking up dead animals to playing volleyball with kids and ends with fixing motorcycles and being a meter monitor. It’s kind of interesting to see the large variety of jobs that city employees do, but it’s far too general for me.

Maybe I’m out of touch in politics, but I’m honestly not even sure of the name of my mayor. I definitely couldn’t pick him/her out of a lineup of people, so I’m impressed that all of these people were able to identify him. Overall I was impressed with Mark’s work ethic and willingness to get into this process. Also, it was nice to have somebody who’s so eloquent and well-spoken on the show.

Random Thoughts:

– I loved how Mark’s sister yelled “I love that show!” when she was told her brother would be on Undercover Bosss, and also how Mark recommended that one of his employees watch it. Apparently the editors of the episode thought it was very important that they keep those lines in the episode.

– Anybody else think about Boyd Fowler from Dexter while Mark was doing the dead animal pick-up? Oh, and I was also reminded of Roxy from Dead Like Me when I saw the meter maid. A lot of Showtime show characters held down city jobs, apparently.

– Now I’m not from Cincinatti or anything, but is automobile theft so prevalent in that city that it was so important to make the meter maid’s handheld units automatically check for stolen vehicles? Apparently it’s common to just walk down the street there and see stolen cars parked at expired meters. Maybe some of my readers are from Cincinatti, and if so let me know how common car theft is. Or better yet, maybe you’ve stolen a car recently and in that case, don’t let your meter expire or the ladies handheld will automatically check for it!

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