CSI: MIAMI “Blood Lust” Review

CSI: Miami “Blood Lust”, Season 9 Episode 15 – CSI: Miami broke its tradition of starting the episode with a party scene this week with “Blood Lust”. A reader named David pointed out last week that most episodes of this show open with a pool party, night club or some kind of scenes with beautiful people dancing. My wife said the exact same thing last week, so apparently the CSI writers heard our complaint and actually started off this episode with a suspenseful escape attempt. Unfortunately, the excitement slowly tapered off after the first scene into a somewhat boring episode.

I realize the irony in complaining about formulaic story lines on a procedural, but this episode especially showcased the same tiresome rigamarole we see every week. A crime occurs, evidence is collected, suspects and witnesses are identified and interviewed, and rinse and repeat. I know this is what people might appreciate from these kinds of shows, but for me I’m not interested in seeing the exact same formula replicated. I enjoy recurring story lines and characters like the Memmo Fiero story arc that lasted for all of one episode a couple weeks ago. The most exciting and non-formulaic part of this episode for me was seeing Walter rocking his gun for once! They need to put this guy in more action scenes, he is a fan favorite after all!

I don’t know about you guys, but I actually called who the killers were about 20 minutes in. As soon as I saw the husband I thought he was putting out a huge creepster vibe. While he was super creepy, and his wife ended up being super crazy, I was pretty shocked when Horatio just popped the husband in the back at the end. At least tell the guy to put up his hands or something! Nope, just blam-o!

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else see the advertisement right before this episode started that just said “CHAOS IS COMING”? What was that all about?

– I have a pretty high tolerance for violence in TV shows and movies, but one of the few things that get me and give me the cringes is people’s fingernails being peeled off. For some reason just the idea of that makes my toes curl, and I’m not usually a squeamish person.

– Is it my TV, or is there an awful lot of lens flare on this show, especially in the lab scenes? Maybe it’s part of the whole “Miami” motif that things would be right and shiny, but it’s annoying to me. I don’t watch CSI for bold cinematography and lighting choices. You’re no JJ Abrams, so just stick to what you know, guys.

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