BOB’S BURGERS “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” Review

BOB'S BURGERS Sheesh! Cab, Bob Episode 6 (3)

BOB’S BURGERS “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” Episode 6 – Transvestite call girls, thong wearing roller skaters and vomiting drunks aside, tonight’s episode of Bob’s Burgers was actually rather touching.

Bob is such a doting father and as much as he grumbles about it, he’s kind of a pushover when it comes to his wife and kids. He was willing to ask his landlord for an extension on the rent to pay for Tina’s 13th birthday party and when that didn’t work, he jumped at an opportunity to bring in extra cash as a night time cab driver. I know plenty of great fathers who wouldn’t be willing to do what Bob did, so it goes to show how dedicated Bob is to his family.

When Bob tells Linda “I’d drive a cab every night for the rest of my life for my kids, but I’m not letting Jimmy Pesto humiliate me!” I absolutely believe he’s being totally sincere. Of course, Tina responds in a very typical teen manner, calling Bob the most selfish father before breaking down into sobs. This makes it all the sweeter when Tina (with the help of Bob’s transvestite hooker friends) realizes everything that Bob has already sacrificed for her and apologizes for her attitude. Unfortunately that all came after Bob was willing to lose his dignity and had already shaved his mustache off for his daughter’s happiness. What a good guy.

Tina looked really cute in her Molly Ringwald inspired pink bows, dress and black chucks which made her look feminine in a way we hadn’t seen before. She’s always been all girl and totally boy crazy, but seeing her dolled up was a nice change from the normal Tina. Gene brushed his hair for Tina’s party as well and he made her dance with Jimmy Jr. perfect by picking the Thompson Twins as the Sixteen Candles inspired soundtrack for their first kiss. All of Louise’s hard work to make sure that Tina approached kissing as a “fight with mouths” apparently paid off since Tina was immediately transported to a magical world of rainbow pegasus and zombie angels. I’d say her first kiss was everything that she had imagined which is more than most would say about their own first kiss.

I loved when Bob stumbled home after a night drinking with his transvestite trio of friends. You kind of get the feeling that he actually doesn’t drink very often and I enjoyed watching him oscillate between drunk irritation and affection for Linda when he got back to the restaurant. I thought the way Linda treated him when he was like that was pretty great too. She’s annoyed not because he’s drunk but because he’s now an inconvenience. She’s got other more important things to do so she’ll let him fall asleep wherever he lands so she can go about her normal business.

There was no shortage of laughs in tonight’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, but I think that this was one of the more charming plots so far. This episode was able to balance the comedy and the story so that I was laughing as much as I was thinking ‘aww, that’s sweet’. Louise and Gene still had a ton of great lines – and a good amount of slapping – but all their shenanigans took a back seat to let a somewhat warped, but still very heartwarming story be told.