BIG LOVE “The Noose Tightens” Review

BIG LOVE "The Noose Tightens"

BIG LOVE “The Noose Tightens” Season 5 Episode 8 – The noose sure is tightening for everyone on Big Love. How does it end though? Does the noose finally snap or is everyone left hanging? It is probably better to go issue by issue of this latest episode of Big Love.

First we have the Margene investigation. The police really ramped it up, not only by interviewing Barb, but by making her a person of interest. A procurer. From what I can tell, it does not sound at all like Barb tried to procure Margene. If anything, it sounded like she had a hard time with it. Heck, she had a hard time with Nicki. It was only the fact that Nicki helped her through her health troubles that I think led Barb to believe she owed Nicki something back. That something was sharing her husband. It was interesting, though, that both Margene and Nicki brought up the fact that it was Barb that tried to recruit Anna because she needed a friend. I remember it that way too. So how does this investigation end? I think that Bill will resign from the Senate in order to save his family. The problem is that the family is so broken, not even just over the Margene issue.

That leads us to Cara Lynn. I have never been so proud of Margene as I was when she dealt with finding Cara Lynn and Mr. Ivey in his apartment. Cara Lynn needs more of that type of parenting, or even the semi parenting she is receiving from Ben, than Nicki’s sweep it under the rug plan. Nicki of all people should know the dangers in that. It just goes to show that Nicki has not progressed as much as she would like to believe. She has different clothes, a legal husband and material things, but the most important thing to her is not being shamed, even if it will detrimentally affect her daughter.

I was also quite proud of Nicki standing up to Alby and not backing down. That was until he kidnapped her and almost killed her. When that took a turn for the worse, I remembered Verlan warning her. Poor Verlan. I think he really was just trying to do better for Rhonda. Now who will save her? Will Ben step up to care for a newly widowed Rhonda and lose Heather in the process? We all know Heather will probably not be welcome in the Henrickson household for quite some time.

This epsiode was very exciting. As usual, the last scene was haunting with Nicki showing up in compound garb, dirty and looking very much like the old Nicki. However, it feels that the show itself is hurtling out of control. We only have two episodes left and instead of getting answers, we get more insane storylines. Bill finds someone from Alby’s past to blackmail him. Don goes off the deep end and considers selling his shares in Home Plus to Alby. Alby tries to kill Nicolette and ends up killing Verlan. Cara Lynn is almost shacking up with a 38 year old former virgin that waited his entire devout life for a 15 year old. Everyone is ganging up on Margene. Everyone is ganging up on Barb. There is absolutely no cohesion to the family structure. Is this even a family anymore? How do you calm this rising hurricane of plots and characters, secrets and issues? Do you just end it one day? I just cannot imagine how this show will end and I am almost fearful it will go the route of The Sopranos.

What do you think? Was this episode good? Do you see a direction that the writers are headed in to wrap everything up? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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