YOUNG JUSTICE “Downtime” Review

YOUNG JUSTICE “Downtime” Episode 8 – This episode was titled “Downtime,” though I’ll bet Aqualad didn’t feel as though he got any. Hey, I enjoyed it. Aside from Aqualad’s troubles, which we’ll get to in a moment, this episode was the vein of certain comic book issues I used to love; things like The Avengers “A Day In The Life,” or those occasional X-Men comics where no one really fought anyone but each other on Professor Xavier’s baseball diamond.

In this episode, written by Kevin Hopps and directed by Jay Olivia, we got a small peek into the daily lives of various Young Justice characters. And we learned some interesting things. I should start a column in which I note things I learned while watching Young Justice.

Hmm. Actually, no better time than the present!

Things I Learned While Watching Young Justice:

Robin (Dick Grayson) is even more emo than I originally thought, if Batman chastising Aqualad makes him jealous. Makes him so mad he punches holes in walls. I mean, how much of a sado-masochist does one have to be to wish a verbal tongue-lashing from the Batman? Seriously. Luckily, Bruce Wayne is not a cold-hearted as his Batman alter-ego, so a one-on-one game of pickup basketball was all that was needed to soothe frayed nerves.

And anyway, Wayne probably exacted some form of physical punishment on his ward while on the court, so all’s good in Robin’s eyes. (Hey, I don’t question the proclivities of cartoon characters. They aren’t real. Besides Cartman, I mean.)

I learned robo-Superboy likes to watch television static. Or maybe he’s just using x-ray vision and watching the circuitry … Nah. I think static is his visual equivalent of white noise. Something’s wired wrong in his brain. That dude’s gonna go pop, and probably sooner rather than later. Can’t wait for that!

I learned not to let green-skinned Megan cook. Ever. Especially not when robo-Superboy is around. He’s clearly a distraction. (I dunno, she’s into statues? That’s the only explanation I have for this attraction. That or she’s just that shallow and leaping for the dude with the abs of steel.)

(I have those.)

I learned to get to the ice cream before Kid Flash (Wally West) does. Seriously, what kind of tool eats a triple-quart of ice cream before anyone else can have any? I get the need to feed a super-fast metabolism, but sheesh, the entire Flash Family was there. Like Silver Age Flash was going to hog it all? Come on, kid. He’s an old man.

I would have kicked that little turd’s ass.

What? If you’ve seen past episodes of this show you know he can’t fight worth a damn.

I learned Artemis, who is a blonde, has an Asian mother. Worse, she’s a stereotypical Asian mother, driving her kid beyond measure to succeed in school, basically guilting her into attending the fancier-schmancier Gotham Academy rather than staying where she could be with her friends. Scarily realistic!

(Hey, I married a Korean. I know all about this stuff. You don’t interfere with a Korean mom’s need to educate her kids. Just step out of the way, man, and you won’t get hurt.)

I learned Atlantaens (?) speak something that sounds suspiciously like Na’avi. And I learned Atlantis has an underwater metropolis (I guess it’s the capitol city?) called Poseidonis, which has a freaking Stargate. Seriously, it looks just like a Stargate. And this isn’t the only show that uses ’em. I wonder how many people have profited off of Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin’s idea without paying them a dime.

I mean, it’s a great idea … but yanno.

I learned Tula is no longer into Aqualad, and is instead mackin’ on his best friend Garth (no relation to Earth 1’s Garth, who is actually the Aqualad most of us know–the one with the fro–or to the future’s Garth, who is Lightning Lad* (See Note Below) of the Legion of Super Heroes, or even to Garth from Wayne’s World). Except the Earth-16 Garth doesn’t have a ‘fro, which is disappointing.

I learned Nura, Aquaman’s wife, is preggers. I wonder when she’ll spawn?

Lastly, I learned that Black Manta is much smarter now than he used to be back in my Super Friends-watching days. What, no more “Destroyyyy themmmm, my minions!!” I guess. And–AND–dude has a secret patron. Curiouser and curiouser.

We’ll see where this goes!

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*Lightning Lass was way hotter than her brother. You can’t argue that with me. My first strawberry blonde crush. Ah, youth.