STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS “Counter Attack” Review

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS "Counterattack" Season 3 Episode 19

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS “Counter Attack” Season 3, Episode 19 – The plot of this second episode of this arc pretty much follows the team’s attempts to leave the Citadel while getting cornered or trapped at almost every turn and then using their combat skills and strategies to continue the escape attempt.

Count Dooku explains that the recovery of “the prisoner” is imperative as the information he holds could tip the scale of the war. I think we’re to assume it’s Master Even Piell that Dooku is most concerned with since that’s who Anakin and Obi Wan were sent to save, but watching Captain Tarkin in this episode gave me a sneaking suspicion that he might become an unexpected prisoner of interest.

I liked watching Tarkin and Anakin interact in this episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It set up an interesting opportunity to have Anakin vocalize his frustrations and dissatisfaction with what he views as the limitations in the Jedi way. In their discussion, Captain Tarkin makes a pretty convincing point when he expresses his opinion that “peace keepers should not be leading a war.” It’s so simple a phrase, but it’s enough, I’m sure, to start an entire debate about what the role of the Jedi should be in a war. I sensed Tarkin’s ability to succinctly and eloquently express his views on the war and about the Jedi only served to enhance all of Anakin’s doubts. Maybe if Anakin and Tarkin had been conversing in a situation where there wasn’t an immediate need to keep moving and fighting, Anakin would have found that Tarkin had well thought out points to make about all the things that Anakin had been unsure about the entire time.

With all the escaping to be done, it was nice to see the Jedi interact in battle the way only the most skilled Jedi could. Anakin and Piell had a really neat moment fighting the droids near the end of the episode. Neither one of them shouted instructions at one another, instead in total silence, they coordinated seamlessly to orchestrate a battle in air that was so perfectly choreographed that you would have thought they had practiced their movements in advance. It was a good battle scene, and the detail of having them move quickly and silently was such a nice touch. Even if Ahsoka’s not yet able to fight as perfectly with Anakin as more advanced Jedi are, I’m also really liking Ahsoka’s attitude in this arc. They’re playing off her relationship with Anakin well and she’s consistently proving herself to be smart and agile in every unusual situation.

By the end of it they’re all still trapped on the Citadel and there’s just one more episode to this arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for them to escape. If anything, for the sake of the Clone Troopers, who died like flies, I hope that they all get away quickly without too many more fatalities.