SKINS (UK) “Alo” Review

SKINS (UK) Alo Series 5 Episode 6

SKINS Series 5 episode 6 – The flame haired farm boy took centre stage in this week’s SKINS and Alo’s episode was all about that age old problem everyone goes through when you hit 17 and EVERYTHING you do annoys your parents! Ok so Alo is a bit of a drip, he is lazy, he does sleep in till midday and smoke his body weight in weed but hey cut the lad some slack who hasn’t had a momentary concentration lapse and accidently blown up the family cow….no, ok I can maybe see his Mum’s point.

Skins touches on some very real to life issues but in a way only this programme can. Alo wants to experience a world away from the daily drudgery of life on the farm. He wants to make his own path but loyalty to his parents means he feels obliged to stick around and help out. Who and what you want to be doesn’t always fit with your parents’ image and this will ring true with many watching the programme. And what better way to vent your frustration?? A full-on, no holds barred house party of course – Skins style!

Obviously it helps that six episodes in we’ve now spent some time with each of the cast but I buy into the idea of them as a group of friends whereas before they were a rather unlikely, disjointed bunch. I found Nick’s defence of Frankie from a heavy handed lad on the dance floor both funny and sweet and Liv’s more tender display of friendship sat outside with her was genuinely touching.

Every episode does just serve to show each character experience some sort of personal crisis and then either have sex or drink cheap vodka straight from the bottle but it is making for an entertaining hour of TV. Next week’s Skins is Grace’s episode and I’m looking forward to it. Not only is she one of the more engaging and interesting characters (as the first to put Mini the ‘super bitch’ in her place) but the actress playing her can actually act which helps!

What did you think of this week’s Skins? Have you enjoyed the series or still a diehard fan of previous generations? Let me know in the comment box below!