GENERATOR REX “Alliance” Review


GENERATOR REX “Alliance” Episode 25 – This episode of Generator Rex was seriously awesome. Rex was his usual funny self, but we got a taste of a really excellent battle between some very notorious villains. Rex and Bobo are assigned to repair the Bug Jar’s weakening containment field when Rex runs into Van Kleiss and The Pack making their way inside to recruit Rex’s old foe, NoFace.

Rex narrates most of the episode in the third person which plays up his whimsical dork side for laughs. Sometimes he comes off a little bit annoying, but there were moments where the things he was narrating were so silly that it made me laugh.

Biowulf’s intense loyalty to Van Kleiss was used really well in this episode to develop him as a character. We got to see his anxiety over possibly being usurped by a new addition to The Pack and losing favor with Van Kleiss. Although he’s short tempered and not necessarily the smartest member of the team, he’s not just a one dimensional vicious creature. He does care about the safety of his pack and as much as he would do anything for Van Kleiss, he’s not a mindless drone. I like when our antagonists are complex and the final scene where he tells Rex, Bobo and Circe to escape as if he wasn’t even there gave me a renewed appreciation for his character.

I’m very curious to find out why exactly Van Kleiss needs Rex’s living body and what his plan is for Rex. Van Kleiss is in no rush to kidnap Rex at the moment, so I’m guessing that whatever his plan is, he’s just waiting for the right moment to come in later episodes of Generator Rex.

NoFace appears to have been sitting in that Bug Jar brooding over his grudge towards Rex for the entire time he’s been there. The fight between NoFace and Rex was fantastic and the music for that battle was done really well. The animation of this fight scene in particular looked incredible and I loved seeing Rex’s abilities pitted against NoFace’s brute strength and it was clever of Rex to play possum until he could find a better time to escape. NoFace’s rage towards Rex had consumed him so it was no surprise that he wasn’t interested in letting Rex live after Van Kleiss brought him into the arena.

The battle between Van Kleiss and NoFace that allowed Rex the time to escape, was set up to be absolutely epic and I wish we could have seen the continuation of that battle between The Pack and all the EVOs in the Bug Jar. Breach was knocked out right at the beginning which is probably the only way to ensure that Van Kleiss can’t be whisked outside of the battle and out of harms way before a really intense fight.

After these events, Circe decides to leave The Pack which I think is the best decision for her. Rex suggests that she visit Hong Kong since she refuses to join Providence, so I’m hoping she’ll find her niche among Rex’s contacts in Hong Kong and we’ll get to see her again with all of them in a happier state of mind.

I always enjoy Generator Rex and this episode was just loaded with so much good stuff that I loved it even more. This episode had a great fast moving plot line, tons of cool bad guys, featured lots of awesome abilities from both Rex and the villains, and there was even a tiny touch of teen romance to sweeten it up a little bit. It was so fun I think I could happily watch this episode many times over and not be bored in the least.