BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “The Big Story” Review

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “The Big Story” Season 2, Episode 4 – So apparently the Pod People have landed in the Ben 10 universe for an episode featuring Jimmy as the only character to not be cloned by a parasitic plant species.

Jimmy is cute and he’s such a dedicated fan that it was pretty fun to have him be the center of attention for a while. I’m not sure how Ben was so easily cloned by the plant alien so that Jimmy didn’t even hear him struggling from outside the cave, but having him be overtaken within the first few moments of the episode made it possible to see some fun transformations from the Ben clone without needing to touch on Ben’s recent personal dramas.

My favorite scene of the night was in the grocery store with Jimmy trying to evade Ben’s clone. The clone was totally creepy when he was trying to sound friendly towards Jimmy. His creepy attitude actually became really funny when he transformed and continued to say things like “you can’t hide from me Jimmy, I only want to take you out to a smoothie, not crush you into a fine powder” or “sorry I scared you, let’s get a pizza and talk about our feelings. I need a hug.” I was laughing out loud since there was something so great about the murderous intent behind such benign lines.

I also liked Gwen’s desire to score a solid pun in this episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. All of her puns are so terrible and groan inducing but they’re end up being funny to the viewer because they’re so bad. You can’t help but pity her a little bit and want to tell her, nice try, Gwen… keep trying and you’ll get it someday. It’s nice that they tied back to that again in the end with everyone cracking up at Kevin’s pun so that her frustration peaks with “Really? Why is it funny when he does it!?”

I thought that having Jimmy be able to save Ben, Gwen and Kevin through the use of peanuts was actually a pretty clever plot point. In some classic Earth invasion stories aliens are defeated by small unexpected details that Earthlings have evolved to survive. It ends up being something like the common cold, or in this case, a peanut allergy, that leads to the alien’s defeat. I liked that this allowed Jimmy to be brave and fight in his own way even if he doesn’t have combat skills like the others do.

Overall, it was another fun episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. I actually liked having someone other than Ben, Gwen or Kevin have the spotlight for a change. It would probably not be as interesting if they did it all the time, but for a single episode, it was a nice change of pace in so that when we return to the normal drama surrounding our main protagonists, it will all feel fresh again.