THE DEFENDERS “Nevada V. Greene” Review

THE DEFENDERS (CBS) Nevada V. Greene

THE DEFENDERS “Nevada V. Greene” Episode 17 – In most shows, the rich guy who parties hard and ends up with a dead girl in his hotel room would totally be the bad guy. Maybe he wouldn’t have killed her outright, but he would at least be trying to cover it up. What I dug about this episode was that the rich guy wasn’t the stereotypical despicable jack-hole, he was a guy who did some stupid stuff but never harmed anyone. Nor did he ever lie or try to hide a thing from Nick and Pete, which I thought was great.

Meanwhile Zoe is defending a comedian (played superbly by the always fun Kathy Griffin) being sued by a guy because she made fun of him in her act. It’s a silly case, no doubt about it and I’m sure it wasn’t fun but if it something like that really pisses you off, you gotta leave. Plus if you think a girl is gonna leave you because someone else made some jokes, she’s a bitch, in my opinion. The best part of that whole storyline was that it allowed Kathy the funniest lines in the ep.

My favorite bits..

Nick and Pete flipping a coin to see who would stay with the body.

Johnny telling his kid to drop trou.

OMG that’s Ayre Gross! I heart him lots..even if I’ve never been able to figure out how to pronounce his first name. LOL.

Funny Sally line #1 – “You fit on a plane?”

Nick’s mumbled “kiss ass” when the other attorney said he didn’t mind if cameras came in to the courtroom.

Pete asking for a new tie for his appearance on TV.

Everyone agreeing that cameras would be hell on a face like Nick’s. LOL!

The two opposing attorney’s agreeing that a betting line on a murder case was appalling, but still asking what the odds were anyway. Ha!

Pete smoothing back his hair, putting on his sunglasses and striking a pose when the cameras showed up.

Mike telling Nick how he would always remember trying to save the girl at the lake, even if he didn’t remember what happened to the dancer.

Funny Sally line #2 – “Save you breath, you’re gonna need it later to blow up your date.”

Funny Sally line #3 “I’m fat because every time I spank your daddy he gives me a biscuit.”

Wondering why the guy didn’t leave the club, even before Lisa asked him.

Lisa having to stop Sally before she continued to explain why Charlie was perfect to make fun of – from the top of his hair on down. Aw man, I was kinda hoping we’d get to hear some more funny lines.

Zoe realizing how good she had it and thanking Nick for her job.

Okay I know it was wrong and I know I love Ayre, but I really couldn’t help but to giggle at his closing statements.

Watching all of the expressions that went across Sally’s face as Lisa described her as a second-rate comic and said things like “you kinda have to let the stupid be stupid.”

Lisa’s obvious surprise when she won the case.

The judge telling Rogers that the questioning wasn’t for him to like.

Totally knowing that Pete was going to end up in that pool as soon as he started doing his little celebration dance for winning the bet. Nick falling in with him was a nice bonus though.

What did you think of this episode of The Defenders? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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