SUPERNATURAL “And Then There Were None” Review

SUPERNATURAL (CW) And Then There Were None

SUPERNATURAL “And Then There Were None” Season 6 Episode 16 – Oh man, did a lot of stuff go down in this episode. I’m not even sure where to begin but I guess I’ve gotta start somewhere so let’s begin with the Mother storyline. So now we know that She was here 10,000 years ago, every freak can trace back to her and She has a name – Eve. She’s here, She’s pissed and She wants the earth as her own personal playpen. Yep, just another day for the Winchesters.

Next up was getting to see Sam, Dean, Bobby and Rufus work together as a team, with Samuel thrown in there for good measure. The Kahn worm making it’s way slowly through nearly all of them led to what has got to be one of the highest body counts for this show…at least for the good guys. I mean seriously, can we just talk about the amount of people who died in this episode?

Gwen was a surprise but I got over it pretty quick, figuring she was just a spare character they could kill off without too much trouble. Samuel though, now that was something I didn’t quite expect this soon, nor did I ever expect that it would be Sam who would do it. Then again, the shock was part of what I liked about that scene.

Then there was Rufus. I didn’t see his death coming either but there was no joy whatsoever in that shock. I’m so sad that he’s gone, especially seeing how much fun I had watching him and Bobby working together. Here I was hoping that we’d see more from those two and poof! he’s gone. Not nice show, not nice. Overall though, I have to say that I am totally okay with the rest of the losses. The Campbells, especially Samuel, had become nothing but people who had tried to hurt Sam and Dean to me, so I say good riddance.

My favorite bits..

Bobby describing a “werewolf dance party” and it bringing the oddest images to my head.

OMG Bobby in a suit! Now there’s a rare sight.

Eve’s face on the camera kinda giving me the creeps

OMG Rufus in a suit! An even more rare sight.

I’m sorry, did Rufus just say that it wasn’t “rocket surgery”?

Finding the idea of Sam, Dean, Bobby and Rufus working as a team a wee bit squee worthy.

Dean’s “Welcome to next time.” as he raised his gun on Samuel.

Really wanting to deck Samuel when he told Bobby that he must be the one “pretending to be their father.” Yeah, seeing as how their freaking GRANDFATHER hasn’t done much except try to and feed them to ghouls.

Wanting to cheer at this line from Sam: “We’re gonna find him alive, Samuel. Or I’m gonna put a bullet in your head.” (interesting to note that that is precisely what Sam ended up doing to him)

Dean describing the thing as a “Kahn worm on sterioids.” Ha!

Dean telling Rufus that he should have bought him dinner before sticking his finger in his ear. LOL.

Cracking up that the “I heart Polka” sticker on the locker behind Bobby. I have no idea why that was there (an inside joke for someone, no doubt) but it still made me giggle.

The way Sam and Dean silently agreed to follow Samuel into the bathroom.

Bobby said “idjit” – Yay! *happy dance ensues*

Sam dragging Dean back from the trip wire. Or should I say tossing him back like he was a little doll. Sometimes I forget just how huge Sam is, until he manhandles his brother like that.

The awesome music after Sam got trapped on the other side of the door and found Samuel.

Okay wow. I have to admit that I didn’t think Sam would drop Samuel quite that fast.

Dean saying that their mother would probably say: “Just cuz you’re blood doesn’t make you family. You gotta earn that.”

First of all – EWWWW!for showing the saw going into Samuel’s skull, and second of all HOLY CRAP! for him waking up during the process.

Everyone commencing with a goo ear check making me laugh pretty hard.

This bit after Dean volunteered to be the first to get zapped. Sam: “Are you sure?” Dean: “Hurry up before I start to..” (ZAP!!)

Finding out that Rufus was not only sporting a pacemaker but was also down three toes.

NOOOOO!!! Not Rufus!!! *sobs*

This bit: Sam: “Why do you keep talking about herpes?” Dean: “What? .I don’t. Shut up!”
(Sam stares) Dean: “Shut up!”

Jim completely NAILING the Bobby being possessed scene. The “you’re all gonna die” line had me quaking in my seat.

Whimpering while Dean had to hold that wire to Bobby’s neck.

Getting quite a bit teary-eyed while Bobby started talking about everything that Rufus had done for him and how they had met.

Dean declaring a clean slate for all of them.

Bobby drinking a final toast to his friend.

Watching those clips of the upcoming eps over and over again and lamenting the fact that we have to wait SIX WEEKS for a new ep. AHHH!! *flails*

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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