EAGLEHEART “Death Punch” Review

Eagleheart "Death Punch"

EAGLEHEART “Death Punch” Episode 5 – It looks like I got exactly what I asked for in this week’s episode of Eagleheart. Last week I ended my review saying I’d like Monsanto bring more vengeance with his fists, and as I had hoped, Death Punch is all about Monsanto’s fists of fury.

When Chris, Brett and Suzie break into the warehouse, I loved that the guys had to go the difficult route through a broken panel while Suzie easily found the door conveniently labeled “pull.” It’s even better that Brett watches Monsanto go through the trouble of going the difficult way, then notices Suzie motioning to him about the door and then still opts to go in through the broken panel. Monsanto is Brett’s idol and no matter how stupid it seems, Brett will follow what he does.

They waste no time (after Chris takes a bite out of a brick of cocaine, of course) to get into the action. A fight scene quickly ensues with plenty of punches, but none as awesome as the death punch. The wind up to Monsanto’s death punch is funny, but the destruction it leaves in it’s wake, is hilarious. I laughed out loud the moment Monsanto’s hair blew back in a fury of blood and vaporized flesh.

Of course, the realization of his destructive powers sends Chris on a downward spiral that ends up with him in something like a twisted suburban soap opera. The family that Monsanto is determined to fix lives in a house straight out of 1979 – wood paneled walls, oak furniture, patterned yellow wallpaper. They drive around in an old brown station wagon, eat food that looks like Shake’n’Bake, and even the Lite beer they serve Chris looks like a vintage can. I’m not sure where they were going with that set up, but I liked all the details in the set and props.

Monsanto has kept his hands in oven mitts since the first death punch, as if oven mitts would be enough to stop the destruction that blew up a man. It makes for good physical humor though, and logic isn’t really Chris’ strong suit anyway so no one bothers to tell him the mitts are useless. He even keeps those mitts on during his hilarious love scene with Grandma Sandra. That hook-up was altogether awkward, but I couldn’t help laughing when he sensually kissed his own arm.

I liked that the hideous sweater that Pike was wearing in the opening scene actually tied into the plot line. I thought it was just one of those quirky details of the show, but having grandma confess that she knitted in explosives into it as a gift helped to explain why a crime boss was wearing an argyle patterned sweater when his lackeys were wearing leather jackets.

Monsanto’s death punch to Grandma Sandra was even better than the first. He punched her with a little squeal that came out right before his face was covered in exploded guts. I had to replay that scene a couple times because the timing was just so great. I don’t know how they got his hair to fly back like that unless they somehow launched all the blood into his face directly which I imagine would probably be painful, but whatever they did, it makes the death punch look totally fantastic.

This episode reminded me a lot of the pilot which I really enjoyed. The last few episodes didn’t have as much explosive bloody fist fights as I would have liked. I hope I can expect to see at least a few more death punches in the future since I like the use of excessive blood and unrealistic gore for b-movie inspired campy comedy. It’s fun episodes like this one that make me a little sad that Eagleheart is only a 10-15 minute show.