MR SUNSHINE “Hostile Workplace” Review

MR. SUNSHINE Hostile Workplace "ABC"

MR SUNSHINE “Hostile Workplace” Season 1 Episode 4 – It’s boiling in the Sunshine Center and Ben is taken to town by Crystal, who sends him on a mission to learn his employees’ names. Meanwhile Crystal gets Alice and Alonso to go on a double date with herself and Darius.

The first three episodes got progressively better as they went along, culminating in last week’s very funny third instalment. This episode flat lined then crashed. Between Ben’s lacklustre efforts to gain smiles from the workers to the faux racial stereotyping by Crystal the episode tried to be risqué but was not funny enough to be.

Allison Janney’s hairdos could not even save this mess. The premise for this show is excellent, the cast superb. Why then is the show struggling to be the slightest bit funny? Too often the writers get blamed for awkward submissions from the network, but four episodes in and only last week’s episode showed an improvement, it’s hard to imagine anyone else is to blame except the writers.

Alice’s mix up between Crystal’s racism and Alonso’s past fraternity friend was dull. Roman’s hug affair with the fans lead to a stupid slapstick deus ex machina which brought Ben’s mean technique for remembering the names of the maintenance workers to their attention. The problem is that the conflict driving the episode was completely fabricated: Ben may be a grouchy boss, but what are the maintenance there for if not to work maintenance. As the guy overseeing their pay check, during their working shifts they would not scoff at their boss. The whole dramatic issue of the episode is unbelievable from the get go. The weak jokes couldn’t even save the episode.

What did you think of this episode? Does Mr Sunshine fill your night with chuckles, or do you end each episode feeling disappointed? Sound off in the comments below.

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