FAIRLY LEGAL “Coming Home” Review

FAIRLY LEGAL Coming Home Episode 7

FAIRLY LEGAL “Coming Home” Episode 7 – One of my fine readers last week said something about this show that really stuck with me. Regarding the odd relationship between Kate and Justin, she said “it almost seems as though the writer’s have forgotten that they were divorced,” and I gotta say that I felt the same way. It was like these two were being presented as a new couple just falling in love, and not two people who had once been married but not been able to make it work. Heck, I think there were a couple episodes where that little fact didn’t even come up, which was probably really confusing to anyone new to the show. Well it looks like the writers decided to rectify that situation in this episode. Not only does the subject of their divorce come up, so does a whole lot about their past. Seeing how lovey-dovey the two of them have been, I’ve had a hard time picturing them not getting along. But in this one, we finally learned a little bit more about what broke them up in the first place. In the end Justin decides that they can’t keep fooling themselves, that what they had is done and what they do have isn’t really a relationship.

Frankly I’m glad they got it out into the open. Do I hate them as a couple? No, not at all. I just disliked how neither of them were acknowledging what was really happening. At least now maybe they can move on in one direction or another.

My favorite bits…

For a law drama, that scene from the battle field was shot really well. For a second there, I almost forgot what show I was watching.

Kate’s compliment for Leo on his personal style coming a little too late.

Lauren knowing without a doubt that her husband never offered anything better to her client, and telling him so.

Kate reassuring Sophia that it wasn’t over.

Kate taking back her compliment on Leo’s personal style after he came back from the file room. Aw, not nice.

Kate pointing out that Leo was big and spiders were small. Yeah that doesn’t matter much when they bite you.

Kate telling Justin that it was too early for *that* kind of call. LOL.

Lauren being the kind of boss everyone wants when she gave bonuses to everyone after winning their biggest case.

Kate telling Sophia that she was the kind of person who does the right thing and not to change now. I love not only that line but the whole idea behind it. Being a good person is easy when things are easy but it takes guts to stick to it when the going gets tough.

The officer calling for backup and asking Sophia to get on her knees? Seriously?

Leo’s assumption that his friend would forget about his promised date with Kate. Ha!

Justin calling Kate on her use of info that he gave her in confidence.

Leo and Kate arguing over what qualified as an all-nighter. I’m with her, if you see the sun come up, that totally counts.

Thinking that I’m starting to see where Kate gets her principles from, if her dad really give up one quarter of his estate because he made a mistake that took away part of a man’s life.

The judge whispering back at Kate.

Finding out that Sophia had hidden the fact that she saved her superior officer.

Tim handing Sophia his medal.

Actually feeling like cheering when the judge let Sophia stay.

Kate telling Lauren that she was very good and Lauren telling her that she was “very Kate.” LOL.

Kate admitting to Justin that she didn’t want to sign the divorce papers because she liked things the way they were. Oh, poor Kate.

Justin pointing out that what he and Kate have is broken. Ouch. True, but still, ouch.

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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