CRIMINAL MINDS “Valhalla” Review


CRIMINAL MINDS “Valhalla” Season 6 Episode 17 – Prentiss’ penultimate episode…ever? This season? We’ll find out next week. This week Doyle nabbed the attention of the BAU with several gruesome murders as his narrows down on Prentiss, who refuses to reveal her past to her beloved team mates for fear she will compromise their safety.

Doyle was a member of the IRA. The problem with having agents from Ireland is that they have to use an Irish accent. Once that door is opened, believability is gone. Despite the four leaf clover tattoo and the distinctly Irish last name, I refused to believe Doye was Irish because of his accent. His right hand man spoke in an accent closer to Scottish. Nailing the Belfast dialect is difficult for a native Irish person, so when it is attempted by non-Irish, the result, as it was tonight, is often ridiculous.

Overcompensating perhaps for his ridiculous accent, Doyle’s spree of bloody and gruesome murders revealed a bunch of stuff about secret operatives and a North Korean prison, but really the main point of this episode was to bring Prentiss to the realization that her team is narrowing in on Doyle, and she’d better seek him out before they do.

The relationship between the team members was touching: of course, doing this for a living, Morgan, Reid and co are going to pick up on her stress. But Prentiss knows how to conceal just enough of her issues so they do not get too concerned. Garcia guessed pregnancy. Morgan didn’t even connect the dots when she threw up outside of Doyle’s latest killing.

The writers, once again, gave Seaver nothing to do. I think they could have really given her character a boost by having her sniff around Prentiss’ issues: she does not have the history with Prentiss which makes the other members take her word at face value. Had Seaver done some annoying digging-had she looked at the SUV videos instead of Reid-she could have really branched out as a character who deserves to be part of the team. Instead she made a phone call, then hung up. Blergh.

Next week episode promises some surprises. I really don’t know how I would handle Criminal Minds without Prentiss. I’m still in denial that this may be her last episode ever.

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