Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior “See No Evil”, Season 1 Episode 3 – After a downright bad season premiere, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior bounced back last week with a somewhat more focused episode. Now we get “See No Evil”, and in some ways this episode acts as an indicator for the direction this show will go. When the first episode is bad, and the next episode is better, the third episode can now give us a good idea of which direction it will go.

At least we get a big problem from the first two episodes addressed right away, and that’s rapport. We’ve barely seen anything from the first two episodes that would let us know that this is a cohesive team unit that works well together. Each week they come off as a bunch of people who happen to be doing the same job together, but this week we get a short scene at the very beginning where we see Cooper and Griffith joking about showing up early. It’s short, and it’s cheesy, but it’s so important for the tone of the show. All of the procedurals on CBS have to rely on some kind of comedic relief to cut the tension of all of the death and murder that happens every episode. They usually rely on the exchanges between the team members, but if we can’t believe as viewers that they enjoy being with each other, it brings down the entire show. You get the feeling that they bring in Garcia as the comedic relief, but her personality is such a huge contrast from the rest of the team that it’s jarring. Here’s hoping we get more scenes like this in the future, and hopefully ones that don’t seem so forced and corny.

I can’t understand something about this show. I had assumed when I heard that Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior would be showing the exploits of the “Red Cells” division of the FBI, a division that doesn’t operate the same way as the original Criminal Minds team, I was excited. I assumed that they would handle all of the “under the radar” cases. They would solve cases that the police didn’t want in the public eye, and didn’t want everybody focusing on. They wouldn’t follow all of the rules and would go to any means to bring the bad guys to justice! However, that seems to not be what this show is about. They come off as the Criminal Minds B-team. They handle all of the same kinds of cases that the original Criminal Minds team would, and it just makes you wonder why the other team wouldn’t be handling it. It looks like these guys are just the guys you get when the other team is busy, and that makes the whole show seem unnecessary and inferior.

That aside, this episode was actually pretty good. I liked all of the kill scenes, and was genuinely surprised when the killer ended up being the girl in the rain and the girl on the hospital bed. It’s a fun show, but it’s going to have to try really hard to get out of the shadow of the original.

Random Thoughts:

– Holy crap, how about that ice pick in the ear?! Yeesh, that gave me the cringes.

– Last week I praised Forest Whitaker’s character for getting into the killer’s shoes, but he was getting really weird about those eyeballs in the newspaper. Leave the overacting for Repo Men 2, Forest.

– There’s been a lot of complaints in the comments section about Janeane Garofalo’s character. Well…not so much her character as Janeane herself as an actress. I have to admit, I wouldn’t have guessed that when I saw her on the Ben Stiller Show and Mystery Men, that she would one day be on a procedural. However, I think she’s doing the best she can with the limited screen time and character work she’s been given. Give her a chance people! It’s been three episodes!

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