ANTM "Alek Wek" CW

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Alek Wek” Cycle 16 Episode 2 – Sob stories galore start off this instalment of the sixtheenth cycle. One is worried that she looks like a granny. Ondrei is sad about the death of her brother less than a year ago. A chicken causes a war to break out between one model and another. I generally only learn the models’ names near the end of the cycle or based on how much screen time they’re given: more screen time generally means they’re due an elimination.

The challenge is about performing. Models, like humans, need to emote. Eugene Buica gives them some inspirational blather 101 about their inner critic and fears. ANTM is like a full season of Oprah squashed into one episode then given a make over. The models are sent to crayons and paper. They then act out their fears. The exploitation is pure evil. We listen to the biggest sob stories: the ordinary ones are editted out. In return for giving some filmable material, the models get earrings.

The photoshoot was a chance to model bees and jewellery. Tears and squeals get the models through the shoot.

Tyra is in full crazy mode. Ondrei resigns from the competition, but she mentions her backstory so she does not get admonished by Tyra. Nor does she get the usual goodbye hug.

The others girls are still judged with the threat of elimination. Tyra’s advice to a model who keeps photographing older than she is is to think like a baby. Shanghai gets a call out courtesey of Andre, and even Tyra looks confused. Tyra can usually understand most forms of crazy, so when she looks confused you know something is worrying.

If Ondrei’s picture is worse than the other girls then no one gets eliminated.

The best photo goes to Hannah. Runner up is Brittany. A dimpled beauty is announced. The bottom three are Nicole and Dalya. Ondrei’s photo is not the worst. Nicole is sent home for looking like a teenager’s mother.

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