THE MIDDLE “The Math Class” Review

THE MIDDLE (ABC) "The Math Class"

THE MIDDLE “The Math Class” Season 2 Episode 17 – Brick’s uncharacteristic D on a math test leads to yet another encounter between Frankie and Ms. Rinsky while Axl and Sue take Aunt Edie on a hunt for her time capsule in the “The Math Class” episode of THE MIDDLE.

Hmm. I’m not sure I buy either Brick getting a D or his completely nonchalant reaction. “I’m not going to college. I’ve decided I’m going to live with you guys forever.
*Forever.*” Huh. Setting that aside, Frankie and Mike “helping” their kids with homework is hilarious. The dreaded two trains word problem makes an appearance and is even more frightening to Frankie than Ms. Krinsky. Heh. My favorite part of the studying, though, is the high five that completely excludes poor Brick. His face is priceless.

It’s always good to see Doris Roberts as Ms. Krinsky, but I think Frankie morphs too much into Debra Barone when they share scenes. It’s distracting and doesn’t quite fit this show. Mike’s so right, though. Frankie was a narc and “that girl” when she was in school. The blackboard breaks her. Hee.

I think most of us have sent at least one e-mail we wish we could recall, but wow. I’m impressed how many insults Frankie squeezed into such a short missive. It gets bonus points for using “glug glug.” Frankie’s school file is reminiscent of Elaine’s medial chart on Seinfeld. Hee.

Axl practicing with his nunchucks in front of the mirror cracks me up. I wish Axl and Sue had more screen time because their bickering is gold. Of course Aunt Edie gave Axl a note to buy scotch and I love his freak-out when he thinks she’s dead, not to mention Edie’s hosing of the poor unsuspecting homeowner. It was all a Nancy Drew mystery, too. Heh. Good storyline and so touching at the end, but it feels shoehorned in and it doesn’t really fit with the main crazy Frankie plot.

Favorite lines:

“We are supposed to show our work!”/ “You didn’t do any work–I did it! You should show her a picture of me.”

“I’m sure we’re all thrilled to be here on a night when The Mentalist is on.”

“Not tonight because Sean and Darren are coming over and we’re going to punch each other in the stomachs to firm up the core.”

“But we’re in the middle of a conversation.”/”Really? I was at the end.”

“It sounds like beer happened.”

“That’s called avoiding a fight and getting to the TV faster.”

“Ugh! I’m so selfish! Why can’t I feel like Beyonce?”

“What words were you referring to? Drunk or Nazi?”

This episode of The Middle is more disjointed and with less spark than usual–especially when compared to last week’s terrific “Hecks on a Plane.” There are funny and touching moments, of course, but there’s too much manic Frankie and too little time spent with the kids. It just feels a bit off to me.

What did you think of the episode? What were your favorite or least favorite parts?

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