OFF THE MAP “It’s A Leaf” Review


OFF THE MAP “It’s A Leaf” Episode 8 – At the end of last week’s episode, Ryan asked for Ben’s help but when he does just that, she’s backs away, claiming she doesn’t want to be put in a box. It seemed like when she was hit with the reality of what that meant, it scared her. When a patient comes in looking for hope for his own disease, she’s willing to let him keep it for as long as possible. I think it was because she understood his plight better than anyone. Then she gets a little understanding of her own when she has to talk to the man’s wife and sees what his denial is doing to his loved ones. That convinces her to make the decision to leave the jungle, following Ben’s advice to head to New York for a new heart. Though seeing as how that means she probably will never be able to come back, I’m wondering if she’ll actually go through with it.

Meanwhile, Cole goes into a cursed mine after a missing man and comes out blinded, causing Zita to worry over him. Were her tears a sign that maybe things aren’t quite through with them yet? Cole certainly thought so.

My favorite bits…

Tommy’s surprise that no one in the village had seen Splash. Really? I’m thinking his first clue might have been that they were watching it outside, on a sheet.

Cole and Ben arguing over who was more Indiana Jones.

Mina saying she would prefer the cursed mine over babies.

“Well there is an old lady playing an armadillo so yeah, I think I can sit this one out.”

Lily pulling the axe out of that arm. Yikes.

The midwife accusing Mina of being born by c-section. Now who would have ever thought that would sound like an insult?

Morris talking about how ALS wasn’t just going to take away his legs and his arms, but who he was.

Mina’s “Oh crap” when she realized she had just accidentally become the baby’s godmother.

Mina reassuring Tommy that working for a plastic surgeon was not the same as selling false hope to someone with a fatal disease.

Tommy agreeing to go with Mina to the ceremony once she gave him permission to laugh at her dress.

The look on Lily’s face when they felt an explosion and they pulled up an empty rope.

Mateo’s little smile when Ben said that he looked after Lily because he looked after all his employees.

Literally gasping when Lily turned the light on Cole and there was blood coming from his eyes.

Cole knowing that Zita was there even though he couldn’t see her.

Cheering a little when Tommy punched the other “doctor.” The moment the guys mentioned money I was ready to punch him, too.

Tommy’s giddiness when he spotted Mina in the dress.

Laughing so hard when it turned that Mina was the only one in traditional dress.

Cole claiming he couldn’t read the chart because he only had eyes for Zita. Okay that line is as old as the hills but I’m gonna let him have it seeing as how he’s temporarily blinded and all.

Ryan agreeing to go to New York for her new heart.

A very drunk Tommy and Mina looking for herbs to help the hangovers they knew they were in for in the morning.

The fact that both Tommy and Mina agreed that what they were about to do was a very bad idea, but they did it anyway. LOL.

What did you think of this episode of Off The Map? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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