Michael Zegen Cast in BOARDWALK EMPIRE

Michael Zegen

Alright BOARDWALK EMPIRE fans, are you ready to meet the lad who will one day become the notorious gangster known as “Bugsy” Siegel?

TVLine.com reports that actor Michael Zegen (above, left) will be filling that recurring role when the acclaimed HBO series launches its second season. Zegen’s character is described as “a tough, smart urban kid. as aspiring Jewish gangster”. He will also be going by the name of “Benny.” Why? Well that’s because “Bugsy” didn’t become a commonly used nickname for crime king Benjamin Siegel until the late 1930s. Nor was it ever used affectionately, so going with another nickname seems like a good plan.

Zegen should be familiar to to those of you who are also Rescue Me fans. He played Tommy’s godson, Damien Keefe.

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