JUSTIFIED “For Blood or Money” Review

JUSTIFIED (FX) For Blood or Money

JUSTIFIED “For Blood or Money” Season 2 Episode 4 – For once all of the attention isn’t on Raylan and his family when it’s Rachel’s brother-in-law who ends up on the run. The man killed her sister in an accident and though she hates him, she’s not pleased that everyone just assumes she wants him dead. That took me aback a little bit as I guess I had her pegged as the stereotypical law officer who might want someone like that dead. The fact that she didn’t was pretty cool, as was the fact that she actually shot someone else to save his life. I wonder if maybe the reason she (and her mother, too) was interested in keeping him alive was for the sake of her nephew.

As for Raylan, he and Winona are still working things out but Gary may have thrown then a curve-ball by offering to divorce Winona so that she won’t have to take the loss on the sale of the house. Like Raylan said, that was very well played on his part. He did promise he was going to win Winona back and while at first I thought he was just blowing smoke, I think he’s not only serious but could possibly do it.

Okay so I’ll admit it right now, I had assumed that Boyd living in the house with Ava meant that they were sleeping together. But then I saw in this episode that he has his own room and I guess I must have missed that detail before. Though judging by how interested she seemed in him and the way she kept offering to have him join her on the porch, I’m thinking that the separate room thing won’t be lasting for long. Then again, she did also say that she won’t put up with any criminal activity from him and now that he’s got a very tempting off from Kyle, I’m betting he won’t be staying clean for much longer either. Again I find myself torn between wanting him to be good and kinda looking forward to him being bad.

My favorite bits…..

The dichotomy of this seemingly normal group of friends and family hanging out on a Sunday, while knowing that most of them would think nothing of murdering someone in cold blood if it served their purpose.

Seeing how Dicky got scared of his momma.

Wondering what exactly the story was between Raylan’s family and the Bennetts.

Really digging the music that Boyd was listening to in his room.

Giggling at the idea of Boyd with long hair, though I did love that he wants to be in a rock band. That is not something I would have expected.

Wait. Was that a Furby???

Wondering what Orlando thought of Clinton’s amount of respect as he was beating him with a phone.

Finding out that Clinton was not only Rachel’s brother-in-law but that he killed her sister. Whoa.

Finding it a little scary how easily Clinton could go from fairly calm to beating or shooting whoever he felt was in his way.

Raylan remarking that it was a nice car. Yep, I was totally thinking the same thing.

Raylan automatically apologizing as soon as he saw that Winona was upset.

Gotta admit, after everything we’ve seen from Clinton, I wasn’t prepared to find out that he killed Rachel’s sister by driving while high. I just assumed that he’d done it with his own hands.

This line from the waitress: “Okay, Mr. Cranky Pants needs a chocolate bar.” LOL.

Flex seemingly the most upset about the fact that Clinton had possibly ruined his magical career.

Almost feeling sad for the Furby when it got shot.

Rachel pointing out to Clinton that he wouldn’t want his son to remember his twelfth birthday as the day his father shot an innocent man.

Laughing my arse off at this:
Mullen: “You’re getting old.”
Raylan: “Not as old as you.”
Mullen: “And you’re a dick.”

Mullen telling Raylan that Rachel was the best Marshal he had. LOL, I love Mullen.

The kid asking who would shoot Furby.

Raylan admitting that he thought shooting his father would be way more fun than it was.

Raylan reassuring Rachel that she did the right thing.

Oh crap, it kinda looked like Boyd was thinking about Kyle’s offer.

What did you think of this episode of Justified? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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