BETTER WITH YOU “Better Without a Couch” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better Without a Couch"

BETTER WITH YOU “Better Without a Couch” Episode 12 – What we learned in this episode of Better With You is that the Putney girls are extremely jealous of old girlfriends, especially if they are named Jessica. The jealousy went to such extremes as microwaving a cellphone, throwing a cellphone in the snow and throwing a falafel at someone. This jealousy becomes even more problematic when Casey’s ex-girlfriend, Jessica, calls and wants her couch back. The same couch that Mia has been living on for months now.

This best part about this plot line was the fact that Ben thought he was a fixer. Yet every story and idea that he came up with did nothing but dig he and Casey deeper and deeper into a web of lies, and apparently racking up tickets for illegal dumping. Termites in the couch? Fumigating it to give to charity? The ex is the “charity lady”? No wonder Ben had a complete meltdown leaving Casey to figure out how to deal with it in the end.

Maybe I am different, or maybe I am just a grown up, but I do not think I would be upset if an ex-girlfriend’s couch was in my apartment. I probably would be more upset that we no longer have a couch. However, since comedy shows are rarely based in real life, it served as a good plot point and provided some funny lines such as Mia thinking she can smell the termites and Maddie asking “Why are there smelly termites in my house?” I also enjoyed Casey saying to Ben, “You, sir, are no fixer!”

On the other side of things, Maddie tries to help her parents fix their will but they are distracted by what they consider to be her playing grown up and pretend like when she was little. The noise that Joel made when Maddie put on her glasses reminded me of the sounds I make when my dog does something especially cute. Maddie tries everything to impress them including enlisting her creepy assistant, Glenn, to help remove all child like things from her office. As it turns out, Joel just had a heart scare and did not want to tell his little girls. The best part in the plot was hearing Glenn outside crying and Maddie saying she has no idea why he does this “all the time.”

I was not particuarly wowed by this episode of Better With You, but it was not entirely horrible. What do you think? Would you freak out if you found out your significant other’s ex had belongings in your house? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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