WHITE COLLAR “Power Play” Review


WHITE COLLAR “Power Play” Season 2 Episode 15 – I’ve always loved the idea of Peter and Neal getting a taste of the other’s world and in this episode they do more than taste, they pretty much dive right in. It looked like both of them enjoyed the chance to be on the other side of the law, even if it was just for a little while.

Neal imitating Peter was hilarious as he really did seem to like the feeling of power his new badge gave him. I found it interesting though that, after he gave it back, it looked like what he envied more than the power and the badge was the love that Peter has. Was it a coincidence that he then ended up in Sara’s arms not more than a few hours later? Perhaps living for a couple days in his friend’s shoes showed him that he needs to move on from Kate and maybe act on those feelings for Sara we all know he has (their awkwardness spoke volumes).

As for Peter, he had to work a bit harder to become Neal and the bits with him in training with Mozzie and June were classic. I also loved seeing Neal giving him the “be careful speech” and find out what it was like to sit in the van while Peter ran a job on his own. I think he made a very good criminal, though I probably wouldn’t tell him that.

In a way, this episode also brought together the Burke’s Seven, since everyone in the gang took part in their little switcheroo.

My favorite bits..

Elizabeth walking in and calling Peter and Satchmo her “boys.” So cute.

Peter reluctantly agreeing to bring Neal and his calming smile to meet the nervous assistant.

Peter and Satchmo drinking their water together. Adorable.

Sara and Peter’s awkward goodbye.

Peter claiming that Sranzler making his dog pant had just made the situation personal.

Not being at all surprised that Neal opted out of being the one to tell Peter that he had just impersonated him. Ha! Scaredy cat.

The way Neal was watching Peter and subtly imitating his gestures while he made the announcement and then of course did the double finger point. He picked that one up fast.

Neal ordering Peter to get his coffee. Uh oh, I’m thinking he’s gonna be in trouble for that one.

Diana and Jones giggling like little kids at the thought of Neal imitating Peter.

How quickly Peter just accepted the fact that Mozzie was making something that he wouldn’t want to know about.yet.

Neal and Sara both spotting they had a shadow and the way they chose to check him out.

Elizabeth telling Peter that it was sexy watching him plan a heist. Yep, I gotta agree with that one.

Elizabeth describing Neal as having a quiet, sexy whisper. Best description ever.

Peter trying for a quiet, sexy whisper and ending up with just a whisper and not being heard.

Peter totally nailing his Neal imitation when he said “I’m the best.” – Perfect!

Being unsure which got the bigger annoyed look – Mozzie asking Peter to take the rock from him hand or give him twenty bucks.

Mozzie calling Peter “sausage fingers.” LOL!

Mozzie and June giving Peter pick-pocketing lessons.

Sara telling Neal the story about her sister.

Peter managing to pull a fast one on Mozzie.

Peter in his thief uniform. I especially loved the black gloves.

Peter telling Neal that he married up. LOL.

Neal looking so proud of himself after he flashed his badge and ordered everyone to remain calm. I get the feeling that he’s always wanted to do that.

The way Peter took down Stanzler and got his gun. So smooth!

Mozzie walking in on Sara and Neal in a very compromising position. Guess they must have forgotten he was there in the heat of the moment. Oopsie!

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Haley

    Good episode. Neal and Peter playing each other was epic! Sara’s a nice character, but I’m not so hot about her and Neal together. I like him better with Alex.

    • Anonymous

      Well I don’t dislike Sara but I kinda agree that I liked him better with Alex, too. But I’m taking it as a good sign that I don’t hate her. LOL.

  • AdoreFedora

    I loved Neal getting pick-pocketed by Peter at the very end to get the fake badge.
    Peter pouring copious amounts of sugar into Neal’s coffee as revenge.
    The double finger point from Neal.
    The not-so-subtle digs at Neal being a criminal, still rotting in jail, etc.
    Peter’s face after Neal and El almost kissed.

    Loved this episode.

    • Anonymous

      LOL! I love your favorite bits! :o)