RAISING HOPE “Snip Snip” Review


RAISING HOPE “Snip Snip” Season 1 Episode 15 – Not many shows can combine a pregnancy scare, blackmail and a vasectomy to create hilarity, but RAISING HOPE does in “Snip Snip.” It also turns the old pull my finger trick into a remarkably touching montage.

Happy Vasectomy Day! Soon to be a holiday celebrated by new Bush-Whackers franchises everywhere. Wow, I love how this show turns a simple pregnancy scare into a hilarious and touching study of family dynamics and father-son bonding. Any family meeting where we hear the sentence “One of you has to get fixed or spayed” is full of win and I love that lucid Maw Maw convinces Virginia to change her vote. Poor Burt can’t win a coin toss, though. “Heads I win, tails you lose.” I remember my dad pulling that with me when I was a kid. Worse, I think I remember it working at least once.

Burt discovers the joys of drugs and we discover the joy of Burt on drugs. Between the ESL class, the shaving (“Sorry. I forgot that was you down there for a second.”), and every expression that flickers across Jimmy’s face, the clinic scenes are awesome, and I spit out my drink at Burt caressing Jimmy with his foot. Just as good is the “Pull My Finger” montage set to ‘Best Friend.” Funny and yet sweet. How does this show do that? They’ll always be buddies despite Burt’s Mad Magazine audience. Awww.

If Virginia and Sabrina ever decide to team up, I have a sneaking suspicion they might take over the world. “Damn, you’re good with this blackmail thing. I really think we could be friends.” I hope they will be because they play off each other perfectly. Love their bathroom scene and I want to see outtakes from Martha Plimpton trying to perfect Virginia’s gossip face. Ha to the sex tape in a ‘The Fast and the Furious’ bootleg and thank goodness Sabrina isn’t pregnant. “We need another baby like we need a gorilla throwing fireworks” doesn’t just apply to the Chances, after all.

My Name is Earl’s Crab Man is now a Gas Man and an Arcade Man. I hope he keeps popping up in random jobs like Kirk did on Gilmore Girls. The town needs more than Dancin’ Dan and Whistlin’ Sue cavorting in the pool. Hee.

It’s amazing how much Hope has grown since Raising Hope premiered. She’s so much more alert and her patented “What the hell?” face is much sharper now. You can practically see her filing away all these stories for a future best-seller.

Favorite lines:

“Gossip and turkey pastrami. It’s gonna be a great night.”

“We’re always so careful. Sometimes we’re so careful it isn’t even that fun.”

“I love making fun of his unplanned pregnancy and I don’t want to lose that.”

“Third cousins, big drinkers–things happen.”

“You already have one giant mistake: me. Wasn’t that enough to teach you?”

“We are Passionate and Spontaneous.”/ “Yeah those would be our gladiator names if we were on American Gladiator.”

“How big’s his pool?”/”Medium size.”/ “So am I. Sounds fair.”

“It’s like I’m floating and sinking at the same time. I’m flinking.”

“In a few days I’ll have a prickly pair.”

I’m a mush, so the sweetness of this episode and the parallels between Jimmy and Hope hit me right in the heart, and I love how Raising Hope continues to balance a loving spirit with both sharp and juvenile humor.

What did you think of “Snip Snip?” What were your favorite moments?

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