NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Love” Review

No Ordinary Family (ABC) - No Ordinary Love

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Love” Season 1 Episode 17 – Talk about one-track mind on tonight’s NO ORDINARY FAMILY. This episode “No Ordinary Love” has George and Jim placed under a spell. They are completely at the beck and call of Sophie. Chris suspects the Powells and is unrelenting in questioning Daphne about her family. Of course, she repeatedly turns his thoughts away from the Powells’ superpowers. Dr. King undertakes another trilsettum project, and tests Stephanie by bringing her into the project under false pretenses.

For a minute there, it seemed as if Daphne was turning into Joshua with her generous use of thought control. But everything works out after she tells Chris the truth. I can’t decide if he is the best understanding boyfriend or a foolish, trusting idiot.

Gag! I couldn’t stand the baby talk that Sophie used with Jim and George. If she already has them under her love control, why does she need to turn on the sickly sweet talk? I also found Sophie to be a rather boring character, probably because she had little to do besides breathe on people. And we didn’t know why she was carrying out Mrs. X’s (Lucy Lawless) orders. At first, I thought her purpose was to kill off the people with superpowers.

How did George get away from Sophie’s grasp? Did the chemical love wear off with time and distance? It is always great to see Romany Malco have more to do than just throwing his weight around as ADA or phoning George about a crime as a sidekick.

Michael Chiklis had the perfect enamored expression when he was sprinkled with fairy dust by Sophie, and then maintains that demeanor throughout the episode. Definitely still loving him as Jim.

Gross! Lucas has retractable claws, like Wolverine but weird and more plastic-looking.

Mrs. X hires Lucas. Dun-dun-dun (dramatic sound effect)! Will she want him to blow up Global Tech, too? It’s interesting that she thinks Dr. King is dropping the ball and letting the “supers” run wild in public.

Who does Dr. King answer to? Who is Mrs. X? What is her ultimate goal?

It is obvious that No Ordinary Family has been trying to find its footing, in terms of the pace and contents of the show. Slow, fast, in-between? Family, mystery, superpowers? I think they’ve covered all the bases this season. I eagerly anticipate what they will finally decide upon. In the meantime, I am glad to see the show start a story arc that will last longer than one episode. The one villain per episode model was starting to get a bit stale. But now we have another mystery added on to the original mystery which has yet to produce any concrete answers. What do we do with so many questions?

What did you think of episode 17 “No Ordinary Love” of No Ordinary Family?