BEING HUMAN (UK) “Daddy Ghoul” Review

BEING HUMAN (BBC) Daddy Ghoul Season 3 Episode 6

BEING HUMAN “Daddy Ghoul” Series 3 Episode 6 – It’s a family reunion for George this week, when an obituary leads him to his father’s funeral – and his father’s ghost. George Snr needs to complete his unfinished business before he can cross over and George may be just the man to help.

Meanwhile, a police officer, Nancy, visits Mitchell after Nina’s (anonymous) tipoff last week. She seems dismissive of the lead, telling Mitchell it’s probably just someone with a grudge trying to stir up trouble for him. But when Annie decides to help Nancy, she inadvertently strengthens the link between him and the Box Tunnel 20 – with a little help from Herrick.

This episode was hit and miss for me.

On the one hand, I really enjoyed learning more about George’s family. James Fleet as his father was a genius bit of casting and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. While ludicrous (Cornwall? shouldn’t George Snr be arrested for faking his death?), it was sad and funny and everything else Being Human is known for. I’m still confused as to how George didn’t know his father was alive, but I suppose we can put it down to having Annie around and being desensitized to the otherness of ghosts by now.

On the other hand, I’m intrigued by the Box Tunnel 20 investigation. Twenty people are brutally savaged – and the police dismiss the importance of anonymous tipoffs and try to stop Nancy from looking into them? Did they have CCTV on the train? The newspapers seem to think that something unnatural happened on that train carriage. It would be nice to see more of a police presence. I’m not sure how that would be achieved, but right now, to the audience, their response seems lackluster at best.

Even Nancy is an odd duck. You can tell she wants to get to the bottom of this case and this easily explains her going back to Honolulu Heights without back up, but can someone please explain to me why she’s such an idiot? Mitchell looks shifty as hell, they’re seemingly alone, and she’s popping off to the bathroom in a large, strange house? And then she can’t even put the notebook into the bottom of her bag or cover it with something to make it less obvious? Or even call someone for assistance while she’s upstairs? It was all a bit sloppy.

Annie had some cute little moments this week – the poetry recital made me laugh – but she feels extraneous at times, like there isn’t really a place for her in the episode. She sort of hovers, but never when it actually matters. If she hadn’t stopped hovering at the end of the episode, she would have seen Mitchell confront Nancy and then seen him burning the notebook. Her hovering needs work. It would also be nice if she stopped interrupting Mitchell when he’s about to bare all. This is a plot device that gets old really quickly. The only justification for her continuing to interrupt him is that she, on some deep dark level, knows that he’s behind the murders but doesn’t want to hear him say it. If not, she’s just being super annoying.

On a related note: does anyone else think Mitchell and Annie had more chemistry before they got together? The way he acts around her makes me feel uncomfortable watching it. He seems like an abuser on the edge of flipping out – which I suppose he is in some ways – and it’s just unpleasant. After dealing with Owen, Annie should really just take a step back.

So we end with George at peace with leaving his family, Mitchell on the verge of being ‘caught’ and Herrick still rattling around in the attic. What will happen next? Whatever it is it’ll be hard pressed to beat the line: “The Church of Earth. The Church of Earth, Wind and Fire.” That was gold, Being Human, gold.

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  • shobug

    Actually, I don’t think that Mitchell and Annie are suppose to have more chemistry now that they’re together because their relationship is far from healthy. Mitchell is clearly feeling a tremendous amount of guilt for all the people he killed, and he is also living in fear of a “werewolf-shaped bullet” that’s suppose to rip his head off soon. Mitchell’s descent into madness is evident with each passing episode. He is constantly afraid that George and Annie will push him away once they find out about the massacre he committed.

    He is living in misery with no one to talk to about it. He tried to discuss it with George at the end of the last series, but George didn’t want to be his confessor. Whenever he musters the courage to confess to Annie, she annoyingly interrupts him.

    I’ve been a huge Mitchell/Annie shipper since the first series, but it’s very clear that the writers never intended for them to have the romantic whirlwind the shippers were hoping for, at least not this series. The fact that Lia encouraged Annie to get involved with Mitchell is evidence that the pair is doomed (for now). Mitchell loves and needs Annie because she brings out the best in him, but he keeps her at arms length at times because she’s a constant reminder of the monster he has been and the lies he has told to keep her from finding out.

    Long story short, I believe the chemistry between Annie and Mitchell is suppose to be a bit off.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree with your comment. It’s a sucky situation (no pun intended). I think it’s just going to take me a while to accept this new dynamic. Whether they stay together or not, their friendship will never quite be the same again. Hopefully the endgame will be something a little less jarring to watch, romantic or otherwise!