90210 “Blue Naomi” Review

90210 "Blue Naomi"

90210 “Blue Naomi” Season 3 Episode 17 – As this week’s episode title focuses around Naomi, I suppose I will start there. Naomi pulled out every trick in the book to get Max to notice her. From sexy school girl, to down right sexy flashing, all the way to an Avatar costume complete with blue body pain, Naomi left no bridge uncrossed. And? It worked. Finally, Max admits that she is not the shallow stuck up person he thought she was (although I kind of thought he figured that out during their hunt for the elusive owl) and also admits that his friends can also be shallow and mean. The best part? Both Naomi and Max want to keep their relationship a secret. My favorite scene was the competing walk down the school hallway by the Plastics and the Nerds, with Naomi and Max walking just a bit taller when in each other’s presence.

Now let’s forge on to psycho Emily. Finally we are done with her. I was devastated when I thought Liam and Annie broke up and he had some kind of interest in Emily. I did not see the elaborate scheme coming and apparently neither did Silver, Naomi or Adrianna. Emily did not get anything she didn’t deserve and the storyline is tired so, like Annie, I grinned silently as Emily packed. Good riddance!

The new evil in town? A scorched and bitter Adrianna. She knows that Silver is the person that cheated with Navid yet she toyed with her, blamed Lila, and threatened to ruin Lila’s life, all to get Silver to admit it was her that was with Navid. Then when Silver finally confesses, Adrianna coldly starts her revenge by texting a naked photo of Silver to the entire school. I am sure it will be awkward, however, it was not that long ago that Silver was seen naked in a sex video, wasn’t it? She should recover from this one quicker especially if it is exposed that Adrianna secretly took the picture and did so only to hurt Silver. Who wouldn’t think that Navid was somewhat justified in seeing Silver, especially after he broke up with Adrianna?

Finally, this seems to be the season of special guest stars. This week’s was Snoop Dogg. Of course Dixon would just run into him and then secure a video deal. I bet Navid feels awful about his explosive rant to Dixon over the failed plastic surgeon deal. Does anyone else wonder how Navid finds time to run a company what with his attending high school?

As for Ivy, I am glad that Raj (Manish Dayal) told her he smokes marijuana for a reason. Did she seriously think everyone in that store just smoked for the fun of it? Yes, she got a “medical” prescription rather easily but that does not mean everybody else did that too. What do you think will happen with Raj and Ivy now that he has revealed his illness to her?

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