BIG LOVE “Til Death Do Us Part” Review

BIG LOVE "Til Death Do Us Par

BIG LOVE “Til Death Do Us Part” Season 5 Episode 7 – Just when you think there is nothing much left to come along and tear apart the Hendrickson family, more just comes along. In fact, it seems that almost anything that is done or anything that is suggested only serves to tear them apart further. With only three episodes of Big Love left, can this cracked family be repaired?

Barb is off on her own path that decidely does not include her family. First she was not taking sacrament and now she does not even bother to go to church, choosing to cut Sunday coupons instead. Then when the idea of a resealing of all the wives is brought up, Barb stops it in its tracks, not once but twice. She insists that she and Bill first need to work out their issues, however, is there any compromise when the things that Barb wants goes against everything Bill and even she herself has believed in all of these years?

Margene has ventured off when it comes to the Goji juice scheme. However, unlike Barb, she takes Bill’s input and considers it, at least for a while. The fact that she chooses to take Michael Saint’s words about the company, its philosophies and the good it does, over Bill who has researched the issues, shows the extent that Bill and Margene’s relationship has changed recently. No longer is she the young, naive 16 year old, willing to do what those around her say. Unfortunately, it seems that she will be left holding the bag as Bill indicated. Margene truly is all heart, but her efforts are misguided.

Then we have Nicolette. She finally has the wedding of her dreams with her mother present. Even she has forged her own path, one toward being the first wife. Yes, the wedding is only supposed to be a paper wedding for the adoption of Cara Lynn, but she inches her way in deeper and deeper with the dress and the reception. She even seems to be asserting herself more in a first wife kind of way. Given Barb’s recent disenchantment and withdrawal, it does not seem Nicki will have to make that much of an effort at all to take the first wife’s position.

The really affecting part of this episode were the last couple of scenes. The alternating between the joy of the wedding to the shock and sadness of Barb witnessing the sealing between Bill, Nicki and Margene was nicely done. It also illustrated Barb’s increasing feeling of isolation. Also amidst the celebrating was Lois’ helplessness about Frank being in a home and not helping him and Don’s sadness and disbelief about a celebration as Home Plus is almost finished due to Alby’s purchasing of the building. The final culmination was Heather’s father warning her to get out of the house. Why Heather thought it was a good idea to tell the Bishop the secret about Margene, I will never know. Anybody could have predicted that he would release that information and he did, quickly. How loyal will Barb be to the family that she no longer feels a part of and a religion that she has turned her back on?

We only have two episodes left before the series finale. What do you think will happen? What did you think of tonight’s epsiode of Big Love? Do you think the writers are doing a good job to warp up all of the storylines? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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