BLUE BLOODS “Age of Innocence” Review

BLUE BLOODS (CBS) Age of Innocence

BLUE BLOODS “Age of Innocence” Season 1 Episode 16 – In this episode everybody insists on talking about Frank getting shot and how it was a life changing experience for him, but he just wants to move on and get back to normal. In fact, the mayor’s new deputy press secretary wants to use the incident to turn him into a hero. Frank of course has no desire to be put on the cover of a bunch of magazines, seeing no benefit from being a part of the media like that.

It was interesting though, the way the tables were turned later when Danny and Jackie decided to go ahead and use the press for their own case. I guess it proves that though Frank wanted no part of it, the press can have its uses. Danny and Jackie leak a photo of their victim in the hopes that someone will come forward to identify the girl, and that’s exactly what happened.

Meanwhile Nicky is writing a paper about the force and ends up going on an unintentional ride along with her uncle Danny to a crime scene of a brutally murdered young girl. She wants to be a cop so she jumps out of the car to have a look and is surprised by how much it affects her. At first I thought Erin was overreacting a bit by being so mad at Danny for letting it happen, but I guess if I had a daughter waking up with nightmares, I’d be pretty upset too. In the end Frank is the one who talks to Nicky about it, reassuring her that all cops feel those emotions.

My favorite bits..

Finding out that Danny’s relationship with the uniform (and the slapper) goes back a long way.

Danny mumbling that Nicky was just like her mother when she managed to talk him into letting her go along.

Danny ordering Nicky to tell her mother the truth about what happened. Good for him!

Jackie pointing out to the lady that, in addition to the tragedy of the girls not getting to have their presentation, there was the little tragedy of the poor girl who got murdered.

Finding it ironic that it was probably likely that Mr. Selleck had been on the cover of all those magazines that Frank was being offered. But I did like that he stuck to his guns and didn’t give in to the idea of being a celebrity. That works for an actor, but not the police commissioner.

Frank telling his pop that, compared to losing a wife and son, getting shot was nothing.

Thinking Danny’s idea to leak the photo to the press was a good one, even if it made the NYPD look bad for a second.

Renzulli agreeing to give the kid another chance, as long as he kept his ink on the page.

Erin remarking that she tried to friend Nicky but she blocked her. Oh yeah I’m sure that’s happening a lot these days.

Frank’s talk with Nicky. I loved how honest he was with her about what it was like to be a cop, it was encouraging and yet extremely truthful.

Jackie and Danny figuring out a clue from a social networking site. My money’s totally on the tutor as the fake Huntington. Interesting that Jackie thought he was harmless.

Even though I called it, I still found the tutor’s confession a bit chilling.

Erin noticing that Miss Conner was quite pretty. Yep, I kinda noticed the possibility of a little spark there too. Frank getting worked up over her only proved it.

Renzulli and Jamie finding their “thank you card” from the tagger.

Loving this bit (which I think perfectly sums up their family, in a good way, LOL.)
Erin: “You’re such a pain in the ass, you know?”
Danny: “Yeah well, I’m a Reagan.”

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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