SUPERNATURAL “The French Mistake” Review

SUPERNATURAL (CW) The French Mistake

SUPERNATURAL “The French Mistake” Season 6 Episode 15 – First up I’m just gonna say that I have not been this excited for an episode of a television series since..okay so maybe never. I just knew that something this meta-tastic was gonna have to be good.

Supernatural has been knocking on the fourth wall since Season 1 when Sam and Dean visited a movie set and a busload of tourists went by on their way to visit the Gilmore Girls set. While it’s not new it does seem like every time they do it they take it up a notch. I didn’t think anything could beat the way they knocked down the fourth wall in last season’s “The Real Ghostbusters”. But in this episode they took a tractor to the thing and destroyed it.

And yet, much like last year’s ep, things aren’t exactly right. The Supernatural convention portrayed in that episode was funny, but not representative at all of what a real one is like (I should know, I’ve been to no less than five now). Here too, things aren’t quite right. Yes the boys are thrust into a world where they’re Jared and Jensen but these guys are apparently the more douche-y versions of Jared and Jensen. In fact the whole cast and crew are the douche-y versions of themselves.

Why is that? Well because it’s not real of course. Just as they always do, the show manages to mix a fun meta episode with lots of ties into the overall story arc. Turns out that Balthazar threw Sam and Dean into the alternate universe to keep Virgil out of the way so that he could find the weapons of Heaven, give them back to Cas and help him with his civil war. Which is one of the reasons I always enjoy these episodes, not just because they are immensely fun (which they are) but because they *always* have a purpose. They never just write them purely for the sake of the silliness, but always add in details that are crucial to the rest of the storyline.

And once again my love of the show is cemented and my hat is off to writers, actors and crew for a fantastic job of mixing fantasy, reality, the supernatural and whatever else they could throw in there tonight. Well done show, well done.

My favorite bits..

Dean referring to his little bottle as “Hunter’s Helper”. Ha!

Balthazar patting Dean on the shoulder like a good little boy.

Sam asking Dean if they should be killing anybody.

The stunt guy suggesting that they cut out the scene where “the guys sit on the Impala and act out their feelings.” Hey! Those are my favorite bits.

Dean referring to himself as a painted whore. Uh oh..Jensen’s never gonna hear the end of that one.

“Why would anybody want to watch our lives?” “According to the interviewer not many people do.”

Poor Dean looking around to see a whole bunch of Impalas in various states of disrepair. Hilarious that he always gets nauseous whenever his Baby is threatened.

“Dear Castiel who art.. maybe running his ass away from Heaven, we pray that you have your ears on.breaker, breaker.”

The way Dean said “Misha”.

One word – Mishamigos. I am SO going to refer to myself as one now. Move over Minions! The Mishamigos are here!

“Nice `blue steel’ Sam.”

Sam and Dean watching an old scene of Jensen from his soap opera days. Oh. My. Gawd.

“Dude, we’re not even in America.”

Dean’s shock when he discovered that “Jared” had married “Ruby.” Classic.

The cowboy Jared picture over Sam’s head. Hmmm.. I wonder what that could be from? *wink*

Sam not hesitating to run off upstairs with “Jared’s” wife. Ha!

Laughing so hard at the entire sequence where Sam and Dean were acting like Jared and Jensen acting like Sam and Dean..that I thought I was going to literally die. Is it possible to stop breathing when you’re laughing that hard?

Misha tweeting the whole thing…ROTFLMAO

Trying to wrap my head around the fact that Sam and Dean had been dropped into a show called Supernatural but there was apparently no supernatural in that world.

“Bob’s” continuous calls to Sera for help.

That completely ridiculous sweater Misha was wearing.

“Ever get that feeling someone’s in the backseat..frowny face.”

Dean remarking that they were already paying those clowns enough. Ha!

“What kinda douche-bag names a character after himself?”

Actually feeling really sorry for Misha when Virgil dragged him into that alley and used him as his supernatural telephone.

The bum’s description that “the scary man killed the attractive crying man.”

“Kripke” and “Bob” being just a little excited that Misha’s tragic death had got them on the cover of Variety.

Knowing that it was totally inappropriate but still kinda laughing my arse off when Virgil gunned down Bob and Kripke.

Sam and Dean crashing through the window and…freezeframe. Nice.

OMG Raphael’s in a chick body? What, couldn’t he find a meat suit with boy parts?

Getting happy shivers when Cas showed up all badass and we got to see his wings again. We haven’t seen those, like, in forever.

Dean pointing out that it wasn’t all that comforting to find out that Cas was in on the plan to make them bait for Virgil.

Sam making sure that the walls of their hotel room were real and pointing out to Dean “at least we’re talking.”

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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