PRIVATE PRACTICE “Two Steps Back” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE (ABC) Two Steps Back Season

PRIVATE PRACTICE “Two Steps Back” Season 4 Episode 15 – Once again this show brings up a subject that makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Naomi and Sam have a patient with Down’s who is pregnant and the girl’s mother (who also hold Power of Attorney) doesn’t want to have to raise the baby while still basically raising her own daughter. Do I blame the mother for the way she felt? No. Do I think it was absolutely right what she did? No. Is that an easy decision for anyone to make? Hell no.

Meanwhile there’s Violet and her book. Did she really think that everyone would like what she was saying about them? I did feel I feel for her though. I mean how do you tell your own story without telling about the people who are a people in your life? But I’m glad she left it up to them to decide, I think that was the fair thing to do and I do like that they gave her permission to publish it.

One part of the show I’m still loving is the relationship between Charlotte and Coop. It’s so great that they are getting everything out on the table and continuing to move forward. Seriously at this point is there anything else that can knock them down?

Finally, what can I saw about Sam and Naomi except – BOO!! Okay, no that wasn’t exactly mature but neither was them making out, since they’re divorced and he’s supposed to be in a committed relationship. So much for the writers leaving Sam and Addie alone to just be a couple for a while. I can’t wait to see what happens when Addison gets back from her trip, you know after burying her mother and all.

My favorite bits..

Thinking it was sweet that Sam and Naomi decided to hang out together but wondering if that was a good idea.

Agreeing with Pete that by putting in things about him, the book sort of became his, but still feeling a little bad for her when he said he hated it.

Finding out that Charlotte no longer wears her ring because it’s a reminder. Ugh, that’s awful.

Amelia strolling in with “all women do” as Sheldon and Violet were discussing a patient possibly with more than one personality.

Violet apparently describing Sheldon as “sexual leftovers.” Ouch.

Coop repeating “manchild” over and over when Violet asked for someone to be on her side.

Yep, I’m with Sam. There’s no doubt that Naomi was selling Erin the idea of having the perfect baby she didn’t when Tanya was born.

Sam telling Charlotte that Violet saying she didn’t know her husband as well as Violet did was no hint.

Charlotte pointing out to Coop that after all that they had been through, there was no more back…until Coop admitted to kissing Amelia after she was raped.

Charlotte asking Coop for time to process. I think that was more than fair, as was breaking a glass in anger.

Naomi admitting to Sam that it still hurts that he chose Addie and that she doesn’t trust him the way she used to. Whoa.

Not being at all surprised that Amelia was the first one to jump in when Violet asked everyone to come up with the worst thing they could say about her.

Sheldon catching his patient faking her disorder. Doing it because she was in love with her sister’s boyfriend was a real surprise though.

Amelia telling Charlotte that she was about to make a huge mistake if she let Coop go.

Everything Charlotte said to Coop when she told him that she forgave him.

Violet offering Pete the chance to fool around with a soon to be famous best-selling author.

Charlotte deciding she wanted a spring barbeque wedding.

Literally chanting “no, no, no, no, no..” when Sam and Naomi got all dewy-eyed at each other after their hug.

What did you think of this episode of Private Practice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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