GLORY DAZE Cancelled

Glory Daze Cancelled (TBS)

GLORY DAZE has been cancelled by TBS, according to The show was cancelled after only one season.

The hourlong comedy-drama, TBS’ first foray into the area, revolved around a group of freshmen college students in the 1980s who decide to join a fraternity in Hayes College, Wisconsin. The young men have to deal with living away from home and being independant for the first time.

The first season was made up of nine episodes and while numbers slipped from a premiere of 1.8 million down to 1.1 million, the flawed ratings system failed to take into account DVR viewership. Rating system backwardness aside, the show stayed off peoples’ radar and the cancellation probably was not all that surprising.

TBS has not lost hope after the Glory Daze dreams dashed. They have two hourlong comedy pilots in the works, Hound Dogs and The Wedding Band.

Where you a fan of Glory Daze? A casual watcher? Completely oblivious to its existence? Let us know your reactions in the comments below.

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  • That’s too bad–I really enjoyed this.

  • Guitarherogod

    FUK THIS. i loved that show

  • Elliotwebb03


  • E!

    i loved this show 🙁
    how could they cancell it so soon

  • Slate29

    Just got onto this, great show!

  • Slate29

    Just got onto this, great show!

  • theta_alum

    LOVED IT! Totally sad it’s cancelled! Only reason I tuned in to TBS!

  • i hate TBS


    i really loved this show

  • Arsenaltim

    Why do they always cancel great shows? Heroes and now this?!

  • Nickbunn_1

    glory daze is amazing

  • Pewit2002

    i am gutted.
    My boyfriend and i lovvvved this. – Not had a program i’ve enjoyed like this in ages.
    I hate how they take off good shows and re-place them with rubbish!!!
    Should have given it another shot.

  • jon tucker

    BRING BACK GLORY DAZE! How is TBS gonna become a bigger station if they dont give things a chance? It’d be like if Fox cancelled Married with Children halfway through the first season.

  • MattCannell91

    Gutted this is cancelled,
    I’m in England so still have some episodes to go but have been absolutely loving it 🙁

  • MattCannell91

    Gutted this is cancelled,
    I’m in England so still have some episodes to go but have been absolutely loving it 🙁

  • I loved the show. I’m in the Uk, and i didn’t ever see one avertisement for it. Maybe it was the same in the US. Also i only watched it online (it was legal btw, on the chanell’s website), and ratings don’t take that into account.

  • aldenys bido

    im really mad , all my shows get cancelled and glory daze was a really good show , now adays if the show isnt like jersey shore it isnt good enough for tv -_- , they should really bring it back

  • Ralajs

    Dude come on this is the best and only show like this. its like a modern day animal house and old school or van wilder