FRINGE “Subject 13” Advance Review

FRINGE “Subject 13” Season 3 Episode 15 Advance Review – Last week’s FRINGE showed us Peter and Olivia finally getting together, and this week we get to find out details about their past. I was able to catch an advance screening of tonight’s episode, “Subject 13”, and it was excellent!

“Subject 13” takes us back to the ’80s and Walter’s experiments in Jacksonville. It has been a couple of months since Walter has brought Peter from the alter-verse and everyone in the Bishop household is still adjusting. We also see some of young Olivia’s home life and why Walter takes notice of her during the experiments. There’s also some Walternate, and you’ll be surprised what has happened with him since Peter disappeared.

I was originally nervous that this episode would be one huge retcon to somehow tie Peter, Olivia, and Walter together in the past, but the way the different characters are brought into the story made sense and didn’t feel forced. John Noble was great in this episode both as Walter and Walternate. The best part of any flashback Fringe, of course, is the retro-themed opening, and there are plenty of 80’s Easter eggs though out the episode. Don’t miss the last five minutes of the episode, they hold the key as to why the universes are at war.

Watch Fringe tonight at 9 PM on FOX, then come back here and let me know what you thought of “Subject 13” in the comments section.

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