FAIRLY LEGAL “Believers” Review


FAIRLY LEGAL “Believers” Season 1 Episode 6 – As a mediator, I’m sure Kate has had to talk more than a few people off of a few ledges, figuratively of course. But this time she has to do it literally when an inventor refuses to give up the prototype he invented for a big corporation. It probably didn’t help matters that she was there to fire him. But when she realizes that he might be the one getting the shaft in the deal, Kate of course has to help, which is one of the things I love about her so much.

Meanwhile Lauren tries her hand at a little mediation of her own when a friend of hers needs a quick resolution to a long-standing marital dispute. She can look down her nose and Kate all she wants but when the going got tough, Lauren got mediating and did it pretty well too.

Finally the story of Leo and his sandwich girl was simply adorable. So much geekiness with him wanting to create a graphic novel and quiet, meek sandwich girl volunteering to be his muse, until he saw that underneath the quiet sandwich girl was Super Sandwich Girl. I wonder if that’s what her character will be named?

My favorite bits..

Leo mumbling that nobody listens to him. Aw, poor Leo.

Thinking that getting fired doesn’t sound nearly as bad when Kate says it.

Loving what Kate had to say about how there are very few people who actually create things while others just by and sell things.

This line from Kate when the cops showed up: “You’re on a ledge, right? You kinda knew they were coming.”

Kate’s bold-faced lie that she was a negotiator with the DA’s office.

Leo finding the location off the coordinates in just 9 seconds. Nice.

Feeling relief when Kate got Marcus off the ledge. Whew.

Kate asking Justin if her decaf coffee was poison. LOL.

Wondering just what exactly Kim the sandwich girl had in mind when she said she knew how to inspire Leo.

Leo’s improv performance as he kept the secretary occupied so that Kate could get to Marcus’ phone. Ha!

Leo describing his dilemma as his very own Sophie’s Choice.

Kate telling Justin that under his hard shell there was a soft candy center.

Kate giving John the prototype, piece by piece, as he agreed to various bits of Marcus’ contract. LOL!

The site of Lauren, in that dress and those heels, sawing that log. Hilarious.

Lauren going all badass on Nick. Go Lauren!

Leo inviting John to come have a Fresca after “tangoing” with him in front of the elevator.

Kate telling Marshall if he lied to her again she was gonna take him on top of that roof and throw him off herself. You know, I totally believed her too.

Lauren’s little moment looking at the picture of her late husband.

Leo suddenly finding himself very inspired when met with the sight of Kim the sandwich girl in her super-hero costume.

Kate reminding John that there was once a time where he might have been crazy enough to threaten to jump off a ledge and convincing him to stick with Marshall.

Kate actually admitting that there were times when (gasp!) someone needed a lawyer.

This bit: Kate: “Sue me.” Justin: Mediate me.”

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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