Amanda Foreman To Return to PRIVATE PRACTICE

Amanda Foreman Private Practice

This may not be good news for Violet, but TV Guide reports that Amanda Foreman will return to PRIVATE PRACTICE to reprise her role as the (hopefully formerly) mentally unstable Katie Kent in the nineteenth episode of this season.

Katie was a pregnant patient of Violet’s during the second season. When she lost her baby, she convinced herself that the way to get it back was to cut Violet’s baby out of her stomach. After doing just that in the second season finale, Violet testified on her behalf during the third season trial, saying Katie was delusional as she performed the brutal C-section, thereby letting her avoid prison.

There are no details yet as to what brings Katie back to Oceanside Wellness. What do you think? Does she want to thank Violet or does she have something more sinister in mind?

Private Practice airs on ABC Thursdays at 10pm eastern/9pm central.