WHITE COLLAR “Payback” Review

White Collar (USA) Payback

WHITE COLLAR “Payback” Season 2 Episode 14 – Anyone who’s read my reviews of this show for very long is fully aware of how bit of a Peter fan I am. So needless to say when I saw the preview for this episode I got just a wee bit excited…okay so maybe I jumped up and down like a kid on Christmas morning but let’s not split hairs.

Peter gets kidnapped by an old friend of Neal’s and though the entire FBI was on the case, there was never any doubt in my mind that Neal would be the one to get him out of it. The only other time we’ve seen Neal this worked up was over Kate and I found it very touching that he was willing to give up the last piece of the life he almost had with her to save his friend’s life.

And boy did Neal get worked up, worrying about Peter and doing everything necessary to get Peter back. There was just something about seeing him throw Keller against that wall that got to me. I think it was the fact that we don’t often see Neal that angry and knowing that it was all because of Peter was great.

In the end, Peter escapes thanks to a mix of his skills and Neal’s skills, which is just like all of their cases when you think about it. And with that, we also have a new nemesis in the form of Keller. I’m not sure what kind of mischief he’s going to cause for Neal, but I sure can’t wait to see it.

My favorite bits..

Neal immediately jumping on the fact that Peter compared him, however briefly, to Cary Grant.

Really wondering what the heck Keller was up to, because let’s face it, there’s no way he’s NOT up to something.

Satchmo running out of the room when mommy and daddy started arguing and then Peter telling him that he didn’t help. LOL.

Mozzie getting excited when he thought that Keller was winning the chess game.

Neal admitting that Kate would always be a part of him but that he also had to move on.

Thinking that Peter’s joke about June having a spare bedroom for Keller was pretty darn funny.

Neal asking Peter if he’d ever actually seen a fight before.

Peter’s story about why saying “hon” was so important.

The look of terror on Neal’s face as he ran while watching Peter getting a bag put over his head and tossed into a truck. Eep!

Peter naming off every street they had turned on and being able to identify pretty much exactly where he was being held. Damn, he’s good.

Neal throwing Keller up against that wall.

Mozzie’s shock when Neal just blurted out what happened to Peter.

Neal asking Elizabeth what she wanted him to do and her reply of anything to get her husband home.

Totally agreeing with Neal that it was a sign Mozzie was worried about Peter when he showed up with an entire bag full of hammers.

Neal describing the future he envisioned with Kate and his plans for proposal.

This absolutely fantastic line from Neal: “Keeping Peter alive is more important than holding a candle for someone who isn’t.”

Peter figuring out that they didn’t intend on letting him go. Oh boy, I sure hope he gets moving with that safety pin.

Mozzie going to Elizabeth all on his own to reassure her that Peter would be home for dinner. I love Mozzie so much.

This gem from Mozzie: “The longest relationship I ever had was eleven days….and then she deflated.”

Mozzie dropping that sweet little kiss on Elizabeth’s forehead before he left.

The absolute brilliance of Neal giving Peter a chance to give him a message through the cell phone keypad.

Peter managing to not only get himself out of his cuffs but, with the help of a mannequin hand, he also got himself a cell phone. Genius!

Peter demanding that Reese put Neal on the phone.

That whole entire scene with Neal mapping out Peter’s cell in the FBI squadroom and figuring out what he could use to escape. That was awesome!!

The pat on the shoulder that Reese gave Neal when they found out Peter was alive.

An awesome Peter and Neal hug!!

Peter and Elizabeth’s reunion.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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