TRAFFIC LIGHT “All The Precedent’s Men” Advance Review

Traffic Light All the Precedent's Men

We are on the third episode of FOX’s new comedy series, TRAFFIC LIGHT, and I think this little show is gaining momentum. This week’s episode centers around squashing annoying habits before they become precedents ranging from the girl that intentionally leaves her stuff behind in a guy’s apartment to a girlfriend that constantly invades your “me time.” I probably do not need to tell you that the first situation is all Ethan. After all, he is the commitment phobic one. However, the way he tries to deal with it and his girlfriend’s ability to out match him is something to behold.

For me, the funniest plot involved Lisa encouraging Mike to call a hot lawyer who is seeking advice about a particular judge. Although Mike is reluctant to do so, thinking it it some form of cheating on Lisa, she encourages him because every female businesswoman needs mentoring and should not be shut out by male colleagues. I am pretty sure that when Lisa suggested the mentoring, she did not envision drinking, shooting hoops or the conversation that the three of them would have over salad.

My problems with the show remain the same. Ethan is not at all a likable character to me, especially on his own. I think if he were to be replaced, I would enjoy his storylines much more. I am not sure if this is a writing thing or the actor, but I find myself almost tuning out when he is in a scene. It still feels like some of the men’s behavior is juvenile or even college like, although I suppose since that is where they met, it would tend to gravitate that way. The only saving grace seem to be the women, mainly Lisa and Callie, that see right through the nonsense and do not let the men get away with it.

However, I will say that the scenarios are getting better. This week’s scenario involving Mike and a possible friendship with a good looking girl is something that I am sure many couples have gone through. Whether it ends in the same ridiculous way, I doubt, but it does make for good entertainment. This episode also involved a few laugh out loud moments for me including one that happens during Adam’s apology to Callie. Yes, I am a sucker for physical comedy.

Tune in tonight to Traffic Light on FOX at 9:30 ET/PT and then come back here and tell me what you thought in the comment section below.

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