RAISING HOPE “What Up, Cuz” Advance Review

RAISING HOPE Romeo & Romeo

RAISING HOPE “What up, Cuz” Season 1 Episode 14 – I was lucky enough to preview the “What up, Cuz” episode of RAISING HOPE that guest stars Amy Sedaris as Virginia’s cousin and rival Delilah who comes to town with an indecent proposal for Burt and to inspire a trip in the way back machine.

An impetuous mistake Virginia made (and one I can’t entirely blame her for–hee) comes back to haunt her when Delilah unexpectedly comes to town and wants a little something from Burt. Amy Sedaris is completely believable as someone who could go toe-to-toe with Virginia and completely hilarious when she gets her groove on. As a bonus, the extended flashback where we learn about Virginia and Delilah’s history is a treasure trove of information.

Garret Dillahunt steals the episode (shocking, I know) as Burt is hit from all directions until he’s awash in confusion and horror. I love that Burt is usually doing something funny in the background when he isn’t the focus of a scene, and there’s extra payoff tonight with a subtle call back to the “Burt Rocks” episode. Martha Plimpton gives Virginia a nice hysterical edge when confronted with bad news and Hope has plenty of opportunity to make her patented judgy face.

While Burt and Virginia deal with Delilah, Jimmy is in charge of Maw Maw, but you know what they say: it takes a village to raise a Maw Maw and even then, she may end up taking a joyride. It’s always good to visit the supermarket and Maw Maw’s stint as a greeter is classic.

A taste of the episode:

“You might want to put a little hot sauce on your neck because if she catches you, that’s where she likes to lick.”

“I just ran out the base and slid into home.”/”Stop.”/”Head first.”/”Stop.”

“That story did kind of take forever.”

“Hey, grandma! Burt told me you were a grandma. How does it feel to be a grandma, you old grandma?”

“My relationship to the stock market is like a tiny ant’s relationship to the stock market.”

“This day is blowing my mind!”

While I’m not entirely thrilled to have the songs ‘Delilah’ and ‘Brand New Key’ stuck in my head for–apparently–eternity or that I may never look at sunny-side-up eggs quite the same way again, this is a solid episode of Raising Hope. I love getting flashbacks that add pieces to the Burt and Virginia puzzle and Cloris Leachman shines as Maw Maw takes a bigger role.

After you’ve watched Raising Hope tonight on FOX at 9:00pm eastern/8pm central, I hope you’ll come back and post your favorite moments.

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