OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 5 Review

OUTCASTS (BBC) Episode 5

OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 5 – This week was when the various storylines started to converge somewhat, leading to a very surprising cliff hanger.

When a crazy man, Pak, starts throwing diamonds around like small change and then takes off into the wilderness, Cass and Fleur follow. They soon realise that Pak is actually the first man to have supposedly set foot on Carpathia – a man long thought dead. He leads them to the sea, which washes up cut diamonds, and then dies without explaining his reasons for bringing them there.

Stella and Jack go looking for Cass and Fleur. The bonding experience eases some of the tension between them, especially after Stella saves Jack’s life when he has a reaction to an insect bite. They eventually find Cass and Fleur but spot something else before they leave – the fossilized bones of three humanoids and a fossil of a fish.

Back in Forthaven, both Tipper and Tate independently decided that Julius Berger is trying to worm his way into power. This is confirmed in the final scene of the episode, where Berger transmits a message to an incoming transporter telling them he will make sure there is no opposition upon their arrival.

I found the Pak storyline a little slow to get started, but I was intrigued by the time they reached the beach. Pak’s claim that they just don’t ‘understand’ Carpathia was a little cryptic. It does lead Stella and Tate to discuss the possibility that the supernatural isn’t quite so unnatural on Carpathia, a theory supported by Pak seeing his dog and Tate seeing his children. Stella’s not buying it. Will something happen soon to change her mind?

Maybe the fossils hold some of the clues too. We have more humanoid bones this week and, in addition, a fish fossil too. Could humanoids and animals have lived on Carpathia in the past? Stella mentions a fossil being a ‘time machine’ – was this a generalised comment or is there a possibility that time travel of some sort is involved?

The two things that really grabbed my attention this week were the diamonds being cut and the stinging flies. How could so many flawless, cut diamonds be washed up continuously by the sea? Where could they have possibly come from? The flies are a bit vaguer (maybe an entomology-inclined reader could shed some light): why would the flies have evolved a defense mechanism without something to defend themselves again? The only things we’ve seen so far on Carpathia are plants and flies. Is there more life out there?

A more immediate concern is CT-10. The people of Forthaven were told that CT-9 was the last transporter from earth, so who is on CT-10 and what do they want? And why is Julius Berger apparently the only one with knowledge of CT-10s existence?

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Episode 6 airs on SUNDAY 27 February on BBC One.

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