NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Proposal” Review

NO ORDINARY FAMILY (ABC) - No Ordinary Proposal

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Proposal” Season 1 Episode 16 – The underlying theme of this episode “No Ordinary Proposal” stems from the final scene with Jim. What seems bad may turn out to be a good thing in the end. In NO ORDINARY FAMILY tonight, Jim’s guilt turns to relief when he learns that being hit by the bullet saves the accidental victim from another potential life threat. Chris stealing the trilsettum coronis serum leads to Daphne and Chris telling each other that they love each other. Learning the truth about Joshua, Katie breaks up with him, which is better than learning the truth after being married (we assume). Joshua losing his powers (and Katie) can be viewed as a new start for him.

Creepy Moment 1: All the fake smiling at the party was kind of freaking me out, when we know the bad thoughts that are probably running underneath those smiles.

Dr. King is Joshua’s (abusive) “father”! And Dr. King just keeps manipulating; he plants a negative image about Joshua in Stephanie’s mind, describing him as part of Dr. Chiles experiment gone wrong. Evil man!

Joshua is choosing to be normal for Katie. Really, truly? Were Joshua’s insecurities about returning to normal related to Katie still liking him, or about Joshua accepting himself as a normal person (or actually being able to be a normal person)? Why did he reveal to Dr. King that Stephanie was helping him find an antidote?

Yeah Natalie for choosing the right “ship”.

Wasn’t Chris at all concerned about the serum’s side effects or origins?

Creepy Moment 2: Yikes, Mr. Litchfield is lurking again – around JJ and in the halls. Is it possible that he is even more mean than usual? Not just mean, but cavorting with the enemy! Poor fool, doesn’t know he is being used by Dr. King. I never knew an academic decathlon could be such a source of malice (bribery and otherwise). What exactly did JJ just solve for Dr. King?

Creepy Moment(s) 3: All the scenes with Roy Minor, played to the most nasty by Anthony Michael Hall.

Stephanie certainly recovered quickly from Roy’s monster of a slap.

Creepy Moment 4: Joshua after the test run with the antidote. First, it didn’t work. Second, was he angry or dejected when he said, “I don’t know why I thought you could make me into something I never was.” It echoes what Dr. King said in a past episode – that Joshua hasn’t been normal since the day he found him.

Stephanie says, “Trilsettum grabs you at your core and amplifies it.” What does that make Joshua’s core personality, or the Powells’ for that matter?

The breakup scene made me hold my breath! So sad…but is that the end for the character Joshua? Will he still be on No Ordinary Family?

Tonight’s episode has more violence and psychological manipulation than usual. It turns everything upside down. Relationships take a different direction. Characters do things you don’t expect them to do, say things you don’t expect them to say. As usual, things are left uncertain, except the fact that Dr. King always makes sure everything benefits himself in some way.

What are your thoughts on episode 16 “No Ordinary Proposal” of No Ordinary Family?