Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine to Guest Star on GLEE

Kathy Griffin

Looks like GLEE has found a couple of judges for their upcoming Regionals. TVLine.com reports that two amazing ladies have signed up: Not only Kathy Griffin but Grey’s Anatomy’s Loretta Devine have been named to the panel!

Griffin’s character, named Tammy Jean, has been described as a “home-schooling Tea Party candidate.” Apparently some have been passing rumors that Tammy Jean will be a Sarah Palin type, but other reports are saying that’s not true at all. I’m thinking those rumors probably aren’t true. After all, why try to do a better Palin than Tina Fey?

As for Devine, her character is Sister Mary Constance and though she wears a halo and a habit now, she apparently used to wear a whole lot less at her last job. Well, at least by the time she was done with her shift – the saintly sister used to be a stripper!

Leave it to Glee to have anything but your regular, standard, group of judges.