JUSTIFIED “The I of the Storm” Advance Review


JUSTIFIED “The I of the Storm” Season 2 Episode 3 – In this episode some drugs get hijacked and unfortunately everyone’s eyes immediately go to Boyd, making me wonder how long people are gonna keep blaming anything and everything on the poor guy. That includes Raylan of course and the sad thing about it is that if Boyd DOES go bad then Raylan will have no one to blame but himself. After all, he just keeps on pushing and pushing the man, going to see him every time he suspects Boyd might have a hand in something bad. If I were Boyd I might be wondering what was the point of staying clean if everyone was gonna keep on coming after me anyhow.

Then again, I have to admit that sometimes even I have to wonder how long Boyd is going to be able to keep up with his lawful ways, considering his past and all. I also have to admit that deep down, there’s this little part of me that kinda wants him to go bad, just as much as I want him to stay good.

Right now I love the relationship that he and Raylan have and watching the two of them on screen together makes me all warm inside. The repartee that goes on between them is so fantastic because they are very much equal in intelligence and wit. The barbs that fly back and forth, even though they are invariably given in that soft southern twang they both do so well, are as sharp as they are funny. Watching either of them spar with anyone else doesn’t have nearly the same bite to it and makes me wish for the next scene with just the two of them. I swear, I enjoy those scenes so much that they could probably turn this into the Raylan and Boyd show and there probably wouldn’t be much complaining from me.

What I can’t decide though is whether I want to see them more as friends or as enemies. Right now they’re a little bit of both, but whenever there’s a moment where they show some trust in each other, I hope for more. But the next second (it seems) there’s another moment where you can see the possibility of what it would be like for them to be enemies and ..whoa, wouldn’t that be something.

So like I said, while on the one hand I want Boyd to continue to be the good boy so that he and Raylan will have more opportunities to work together (like they did in the final episode of last season) I also have just a wee bit of a hankerin’ to see him turn bad again, just so’s I can see the two of them go after each other as only they can. It’s a tough choice and I’m very glad I don’t have to make it – I just get to sit back and watch what happens.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of Raylan and Boyd in this episode of Justified but believe it or not, a few other characters appear in it as well. A couple we already know of course but also one new one that I think we may see again. Also there’s still lots going on in the relationships department and let’s just say that Raylan and Winona may not be quite as discreet as they think they are.

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