THE SIMPSONS “Angry Dad: The Movie” Review

THE SIMPSONS Angry Dad The Movie (FOX)

THE SIMPSONS “Angry Dad: The Movie” Season 22 Episode 14 – The Simpsons went to Hollywood last night after Bart’s short film got itself nominated for Golden Globes and Oscar trophies. This week’s episode featured Russel Brand, Halle Berry and Ricky Gervais as the sort of cringe worthy presenters you tend to find at these get ups. Gervais’ turn was the most memorable, considering I can’t remember what the other two did.

The real star of the episode was not Homer or Bart or Lisa or the creative team behind the semi autobiographical cartoon short. The real star of the night was the film Condiments. It is a film about condiments which come to life when no one is looking. Unlike its origin spoof Toy Story, these guys can die if they get emptied. I was almost wiping tears away when peanut butter met its demise. Buzz speaks Spanish, but the Condiments die.

It was an entertaining episode of The Simpsons. Homer and Bart’s relationship was once again brought to the forefront and the choking abuse started up again, which seems to have been missing for a while. Also missing for a few episodes? Itchy and Scratchy, whose Mulan crossed with Batman Begins crossed with Rocky spoof was a welcome return of one of the best franchises ever.

There was plenty of heart as Bart accepted his award only to realize a film is a collaborative effort (hilariously interrupted by Martin Scorsese), plenty of awards show gags and spoofs. They nailed the predictable mind numbing boredom which is synonymous with the glitz and glam of the Oscars and the less glitz less glam of the Golden Globes. Lady Gaga and Elton John popped up at the ceremonies for whatever reason, Marge and Homer were brought to the ceremonies by gangsters, which was a skit which could have been left out, and Halle Berry finally explained what a short film was. Overall a solid and funny episode.

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