HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Garbage Island” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Garbage Island Season 6 Episode 17

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Garbage Island” Season 6 Episode 17 – So if anyone still thought that Zoey might be the mother of Ted’s children, tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother put all that speculation to rest. Like I mentioned last week, I had little interest in the Zoey and Ted relationship storyline because I knew it would go nowhere, so now that the writers have officially put the words into Ted’s mouth, I’m even more anxious for their relationship to quickly wrap up so we can move on.

The Captain not knowing the identity of the lothario that stole Zoey away from him and then unwittingly finding consolation in the guilty Ted, is a variation on a standard RomCom plot that’s been done to the point of cliche. Nevertheless, I still think it was important for Ted to face the Captain and hear the other side of the story. Especially so he could understand that his happiness came at the cost of another man’s despair. I have to imagine that given Ted’s history – particularly his relationship with Stella and knowing what it’s like to feel like someone was stolen away from you – it will be difficult for him to forget about the Captain when he’s with Zoey.

I didn’t dislike her before, but Zoey’s attitude tonight didn’t particularly endear me to her. Maybe I’m getting hints of the personality she had when we first met her, but I didn’t like the way she handled Ted’s feelings tonight. When Ted sulks about being the bad guy, she says “divorce sucks” but it’s too early to tell who the bad guy is. Ted didn’t ask her to get a divorce, he didn’t try to seduce her, but he seems to be the only one feeling guilty when he shouldn’t be. I would have preferred that she tell him that the decision she made to end things with the Captain was about her relationship with the Captain and not an issue of Ted being a bad guy.

Lily and Marshall, meanwhile, are dealing with an unheard of dry spell in their sex lives. I absolutely love the way How I Met Your Mother addresses the 30-something’s dilemma. Marshall has had this issue with his career from the very beginning of the series, and I know so many people who can relate to the struggles he’s faced. We all know people like Marshall who has a job that allows him to stay financially stable and live a mostly carefree life but at the same time the job provides no personal gratification or greater feeling of purpose in life. Mix in the feeling of being at an age where people are starting to have families and suddenly you’re trying to decide between following a lifelong dream or selling out to secure a stable life for your own future family. Most people don’t land that dream job that allows them to save the world and live financially unhindered, so it’s so easy to sympathize with Marshall’s breakdown. He and Lily have been a great example of a healthy supportive marriage and I love how they treat one another compassionately and unselfishly. Lily’s sex drive is trumped by her sincere concern for her husband and even if it means jumping into a garbage dumpster to hunt for plastic six pack rings, she’ll do whatever it takes to support him the way he’s always supported her.

Lastly, there was the Barney, Nora and Robin thing which was only touched on a little bit in tonight’s episode. I loved Barney’s Charlie Brown effect when women talked beyond a certain point and his ability to read a woman’s sexual dry spell time was a crack up. I like Robin and Barney together so I was a little bummed out by how little sexual tension there seemed to be between them. I was hoping that all this talk of Nora might spark something in the back of their minds, but instead, the two of them seemed to be closer friends than ever before. I guess I’m fine with that too.

In the end, I really liked this episode of How I Met Your Mother. I thought there was plenty of humor to keep the episode lighthearted and enough character drama to keep me wondering about what is going to happen next. I loved the flash forward to 2021 and the tie in with the waitress at the airport at the end as well as the flash forward to the same scene we’ve seen before with Marshall and Ted sitting on a bench at the wedding where Ted meets his future wife. Seeing it again makes me feel like it’s got to be just around the corner now. Maybe it’s Punchy’s wedding? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.