HAWAII FIVE-0 “Loa Aloha” Review


HAWAII FIVE-0 “Loa Aloha” Season 1Episode 18 – Danny’s little brother Matt comes to the island for what should be a fun visit but surprise, surprise, he’s also in trouble with the Feds. Danny finally gets the truth out of him and finds out that he actually did commit the crime but before he can help him through what’s to come, Matt decides to take off. Leaving Danny stuck with a decision to make as he stands on a tarmac with a gun pointed at Matt and trying to figure out what to do – uphold the law or let his kid brother go.

In the end Danny lets him go but I think one of the most interesting parts of the whole story wasn’t so much about Matt and Danny as it was about Rachel and Danny. Matt seemed to have more than one hidden agenda when he got to the island, going out of his way to bring Danny and Rachel together as much as he could. At one point he even accuses Danny of still being in love with his ex. It’s a comment that goes by so fast that one could almost ignore it; right up until Danny goes straight to her after he lets Matt go.

What it all means I’m not sure exactly. That Danny and Rachel could still have feelings for each other isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility but the fact that she’s re-married will make things more than a little complicated. Also, once he’s not hurting anymore who’s to say if he’ll feel the same way? Maybe he only ran to her because he needed someone who’d been around both he and his brother and would understand how badly he felt just then.

My favorite bits..

Matt telling Grace that all the presents on the table were for Danny. Okay I can buy the teddy bear but probably not the tiara..though I would’ve loved to have seen him try it on.

Matt challenging Grace to cause trouble right then and there, even though Danny hadn’t actually left the room yet. Oops.

Danny warning Steve that his brother had quite the personality..disorder. LOL.

Steve agreeing to stay for lunch once he spotted the food and enjoying how long they all sat around chatting.

Finding out that Danny once handcuffed his brother to the monkey cages at the zoo. Yep, that sounds about right.

The two feds’ response to seeing that Steve had the governor on speed dial. Ha!

This line from Danny to the Feds: “Why are you smiling? He’s not kidding. He did this to me.”

Danny reassuring Steve that his brother was a lot of things but not a criminal and then telling the story of how the guy helped him get through the hardest six months of his life.

Steve telling Danny to take all the time he needed to talk to his brother because family comes first.

The fact that Steve could tell that Danny was totally up to something, even though he said it was “nothing”, and telling him not to move until he got there. Ah, he knows his partner so well.

Danny’s shock and disappointment when he found out that his brother actually did take the money.

The fact that Danny immediately went to looking at how he could help Matt get through everything, including volunteering to fly home with him.

Knowing something was up as soon as I saw that the door was cracked.

The looks that passed between Danny and Steve when Steve claimed he knew where Matt was and then fed that bullshit story to the Feds.

Danny calling his brother by his full name to get him to turn around and stop climbing the steps to the plane.

Matt saying that he would never survive prison because he wasn’t as strong as his brother.

Not really knowing for sure which choice Danny was going to make when Matt said he was going to have to either shoot him or say goodbye. Not that I thought Danny would kill his own brother but I wondered if he was gonna wound him to keep him from getting on the plane.

Danny going to Rachel for comfort after he let his brother go.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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