FAMILY GUY “German Guy” Review


FAMILY GUY “German Guy” Season 9 Episode 11 – Lois is concerned that Chris is spending too much time…em…alone. Peter offers to show his son how to have a good time in the company, well, not himself. He starts with stamp collecting but blows his brains out, graduates to drinking where he forces Chris to wait outside while he gets plastered.

Finally Chris takes the initiative, meets a pupateer who happens to be an old Nazi called Franz. Luckily, Herbert the pedophile is on hand to save his beloved Chris.

This is probably the only show which features a paedophile as a hero or a Nazi as an unlikely friend to a lonely loser. Episodes that revolve around Chris are usually cringe worthy, and this one was odd in that there were no subplots. Still, it worked based on the strength of its original, sadistic, weird premise.

The past history between Herbert and Franz was very well handled, their fight scene could have been cut. Yes, I realize that was the point and the humor came from their slow movements, but after the first ten seconds the scenario just got old.

What did not get old however were the Meg fat jokes. I love when Peter and Chris and pretty much everyone just grinds Meg into the dirt with their insults and low jabs.

Favorite moments of the episode:

The opening blanket skit was just horrifically funny. And I realize that he is just a cartoon character, but I never want to see Chris Griffin naked again. Ever.

Twilight has been spoofed to death, but this one seemed particularly mean.

Franz’ death, which flickered so quickly between funny, weird and pretty.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. What did you think of this installment of Family Guy? Sound off in the comments below.

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