UNDERCOVER BOSS “Mack Trucks” Review

UNDERCOVER BOSS Mack Trucks Season 2 Episode 15

UNDERCOVER BOSS “Mack Trucks” Review, Season 2 Episode 15 – Undercover Boss returned this week and introduced us to Denny Slagel, CEO of Mack Trucks. Mack Trucks is a manufacturer of construction and industrial transport vehicles, and it’s a company that I’ve heard very little about. I appreciated the quick history at the beginning of the episode talking about where Mack came from, how it got it’s name, etc. Getting more background on the company helps you relate more to what happens and care more about the outcome, so I definitely appreciated that.

Here’s the thing about this particular episode, though: The stuff that this guy was doing is TOUGH. It’s one thing to show us a CEO who can’t make a Subway sandwich, or he can’t scrub a toilet. The reason that stuff like that is more interesting for the viewer to watch is because those are things that are inherently easy to do, and it helps show how out-of-touch the CEO is with the simple things his employees do. But this dude had to build engines, drive forklifts, and assemble giant trucks. Those are things that I definitely can’t do, so showing somebody struggle with it doesn’t surprise me or entertain me. It just makes sense.

However, I am excited that they’ve continued to show the other competing employee. They did this for the first time with the episode “BELFOR”, and this episode even had one of the supervisors tell the camera how much better the other employee did! I definitely hope they keep doing this. It really goes a long way to show us how unqualified some of these bosses can be, which is really the whole point of the show.

Overall, this episode was basically the same quality as all of the other episodes. But there’s one thing that kind of confuses me about this show. I’m sure that the employees that are shown on this show are all pre-screened to make sure they have a sufficiently sad story, but it makes me wonder if they were told that they would be required to share this sad story on the show. It makes it difficult to believe that the tough, blue-collar guys that work these jobs would be willing to cry on national television. This can makes the whole thing come off as insincere.

Lastly, how much was the check for?! Come on!

Random Thoughts:

– Did it surprise anybody else that so much of these trucks were made by hand? I just figured that all vehicles were made by robots nowadays.

– Man, that was an awkward “God bless our troops” moment. Surely that could have been edited better.

– When I hear “Bastogne”, does anybody else immediately think of the Band of Brothers episode of the same name? I do.